University of Houston Sexual Assault Prevention Tactics: Talk Calmly or Use A Purse

Yvonne Larsen
Yvonne Larsen

The more Houston’s lefty -wing bloggers whine & demagogue the “war on women” issue, the more I am encouraged to learn it is THEY who are the true perpetrators. Do you work, live on or attend classes on college campuses? Would you be interested in the University of Houston’s suggestions for verbal and physical resistance to a sexual assault?


If you sense a danger of sexual assault, try to avoid confrontation. If you can’t avoid confrontation, your own imagination and initiative are your best defenses. In any assault situation the most important thing to remember is to remain calm and avoid being isolated with the attacker. Immediately attempt to leave the scene and go to the nearest lighted public place. You may wish to attempt verbal or physical resistance.

Verbal Resistance

If the attacker has a weapon you may decide to use verbal resistance. There are many ways to use your voice to protect yourself. Trust your feeling about whether yelling or talking calmly would help you the most.

Physical Resistance

The goal of physical resistance is to react immediately, use your body or other available weapons, and escape.

An available weapon includes objects such as an umbrella, lamp, ashtray, bottle, purse, etc.

What a novel idea. Talk calmly or use a purse.

In case hoping really hard or screaming doesn’t pan out!

By publicly admitting a would-be attacker might break the law by bringing a firearm on campus, I’m thinking I don’t want parity of weapons choice and certainly  not a whistle. I want full blown, all out, “kick you in your ass” military superiority choices such as Glock, Smith & Wesson, and Sig Sauer in that purse I’m supposed to fight back with.

Exit question? How many fewer untested rape kits would the City of Houston have if more women were trained in the use of a firearm and possessed a concealed carry license? And how many fewer unwanted pregnancies as a result of rape would there be if Texas law allowed for concealed carry on a college campus? If our actions result in only saving one life, isn’t it worth it?

Of course, that would destroy the narrative of the “strip club” relationship to sexual assault and, yes I am going there, it would mean fewer women directed to Planned Parenthood for an abortion. You know? The one right down the street from the University of Houston?

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  1. WRM says

    Actually, avoiding confrontation is always a good idea, even if you are armed. A lawyer friend told me that even if you are completely in the right, you better be prepared to spend $10,000 if you shoot someone. Of course, anyone who has gone to the trouble of getting a Texas CHL ought to be able to carry it just about anywhere.

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