Who tried to help white guys win re-election by leading voters to believe they’re black?

Could white Republicans running in a district whose voters include black Democrats win an election? Would the black Democrats decry the advertising strategy as deceitful? After two years living in Missouri City, Fort Bend County I learned anything is possible.

Enter Missouri City Mayor Allen Owen, former Fort Bend ISD Trustee Bruce Albright, the Missouri City Coalition of Black Democrats and the recent Fort Bend ISD Trustee & Missouri City municipal elections.

Allen Owen photo courtesy of www.mayorallenowen.com–Bruce Albright photo courtesy of the Houston Chronicle

Owen Albright


The flyer was decorated with photographs of Missouri City black Democrat officials— Congressman Al Green, State Representative Ron Reynolds, State Senator Rodney Ellis, Constable Ruben Davis and Fort Bend County Commissioner Grady Prestage —and the requisite photograph of President Obama.

MC black democrats

Trustee Albright lost his re-election bid but Mayor Owen won re-election.

Who published & distributed the flyer?

Who in the Fort Bend County Democratic Party apparatchik decried the use of the flyer?

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  1. Mainstream says

    Am I missing something here? Where is the implication that the candidates endorsed are the same race as the organization and the elected officials who are doing the endorsing? This strikes me as a fairly typical doorhanger or pushcard often used in Houston, in which a crowd of black or Hispanic officeholders vouch for some set of candidates, including some whites, in messaging targeting black or Hispanic voters.

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