Ted Cruz Announces Run for Senate

In his prior race for Attorney General, Cruz achieved remarkable fundraising success, raising more than $1.3 million from nearly 1,000 donors in over 100 Texas cities and 25 states. He gained endorsements from virtually every top conservative political leader across Texas and many nationally. In addition, Cruz has assembled an immense grassroots network, including more than 54,000 supporters on Facebook—more than any statewide official in Texas. By the end of 2009, Cruz had become the only Republican remaining in the race, but ultimately withdrew to support his friend and mentor Greg Abbott once there was no longer going to be a vacancy for Attorney General.

In the past two years, Cruz has spoken throughout Texas, to Republican Women and Tea Party gatherings all over the State. Cruz noted that the Tea Parties represent one of the most exciting developments in decades. “Millions of Americans are standing up, re-reading the Constitution, getting energized for freedom, and saying we’ve got to get back to the founding principles that made this nation great.”

Cruz said there are four ways the Republican Party can achieve renewal: 1) Stand for principle; 2) Defend liberty; 3) Champion opportunity; and 4) Defend American Exceptionalism.

“We’re at a turning point, a crossroads in our country,” Cruz said. “The most fundamental question we face is: Will we remain an economy where free enterprise and opportunity exist for everyone? Will we remain a nation in which jobs and prosperity are generated by small businesses and individuals working in a free market to achieve their dreams? Or will we become like much of Europe—just another nation where the government controls our economy, our jobs, and the decisions in our everyday lives?”

Cruz said he is committed to full repeal of ObamaCare. “This legislation fundamentally remade America as we know it today. We must fully repeal it and begin health care reform again based on ideas rooted in consumer choice and individual liberty.” Indeed, Cruz has championed an aggressive agenda for state action—including the pioneering use of an interstate compact under Article I section 10 of the Constitution—to repeal ObamaCare and to restrain the growth of the federal government.

Cruz pledged that, if he is elected, one of his primary goals will be to cut government spending and reduce the national debt. He will work to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that restricts the growth of government and requires a supermajority to raise taxes. “If we want to see real change, we must work to prevent government from spending our nation into bankruptcy. We must also make sure that taxes don’t increase, which is why it’s important to pass the two measures together,” he said.

In addition, he pledged never to take any earmarks during his Senate tenure because they are a vehicle for wasteful spending and abuse of the taxpayers’ trust. “Not taking earmarks is just a small step toward cutting wasteful government spending and abuse. The budget deficit and national debt are unsustainable—they are an oppressive burden on our children and grandchildren—and so we need to get serious about changing how things are done in Washington.”

“Men and women throughout Texas and America are standing up to join in the epic battle of our generation,” Ted Cruz concluded. “We will not go quietly into the night. This is a fight we’re going to win.”

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