Get out and vote straight ticket Republican!

The Harris County Republican Party continues its get out the vote efforts: Support Our County Commissioner & Constable Candidates Get Out and Vote Early!   We all know how critical the Presidential race is for the future of our nation, but there are also critical down ballot races right here in Harris County.  These […]

Houston Tea Party Society Election Season Ballot Primer

The Houston Tea Party Society is presenting an informational meeting tomorrow night to help you (and me) prepare for the very long ballot this November. From the Facebook event information: Join Houston’s original Tea Party in the ultimate election day primer for what’s on your ballot. In this free event we’ll go over the issues […]

True the Vote: interstate voter fraud findings

True the Vote, the non-partisan election integrity organization based in Houston, Texas, today announced more findings of voter fraud in the U.S. Click here to view if your browser is not compatible with Google Viewer. Folks, all that the folks from True the Vote want is for elections to be free and fair. That’s it. […]

David Dewhurst: let’s fight until the polls close!

If you are, like me, a supporter of a man with a great conservative record, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, then you might be disheartened by the noise coming from the Washington media that the race for US Senator is over. Don’t be! This race isn’t over and we need every vote we can get! I […]