The Election Choice—Can Romney make it simple? Can Romney be Romney?

Watching all of the pundits say that Romney has to make himself likable is beginning to drive me crazy.  Of course no one wants to embrace a dour person (though Richard Nixon was on 4 of 5 winning national tickets, just proving that there are exceptions to every rule), but Romney is not dour, and […]

Texas near bottom in per capita debt

The headline at Texas Watchdog was ominous:  Texas third in total state debt, low by per-capita measure; across all the states, underfunded liability shoots to $3.5 trillion Yikes! I thought, dang, the naysayers are right! Texas is buried in debt! Oh no! But then I read the headline again – buried in the middle was […]

Ted Cruz – David Dewhurst wrap up

Okay, I’ve been meaning to write about the Ted Cruz – David Dewhurst race for a bit but got sidetracked by the birth of my first grandchild! Pictures here – hey, I’m a grandpa now, I can do that stuff. It was a shellacking. No doubt about that. But in answer to all of the […]

Doug Weiskopf: A modest proposal

As Congress argues over extending the Bush tax cuts across the board, once again Republicans–especially the Republican leadership in Congress– are proving themselves to be poor politicians, stupidly allowing themselves to be backed into a corner and characterized as “protecting the rich.”   In fact, the Bush tax cuts benefited those in the lower incomes much more than […]

A Response to Dick Weekley/Fraud Against Texas Taxpayers Resolution

Dear GOP Leaders, You may have recently received correspondence from Mr. Richard Weekley, Chairman of Texans For Lawsuit Reform, regarding the “Fraud Against Texas Taxpayers Resolution.” I would appreciate a few moments of your time to address some of the accusations and misrepresentations Mr. Weekley makes. First, I have had the opportunity to work alongside […]

The Fist of the Obama Administration Must Not be Re-Elected

My father liked to tinker with writing simple poetry—the type of “greeting card” poetry that can be very touching or funny, or simply lame.  I recently have been reminded of the following part of a funny poem he wrote for me when I graduated from law school, which he entitled “Lawyer to Client”:   You […]

A Basic “Conflict of Visions”

In 1987, Thomas Sowell published a landmark book entitled “A Conflict of Visions,” in which he identified and explained the historical and intellectual roots of the differences between the modern worldview of Western liberals and that of Western conservatives.  Since that first work, Sowell has published other works expanding on this theme.  For any conservative […]