Abusive IRS Tactics Stymied the Katy Tea Party Leading up to the 2012 Election

Abuses like those other Tea Party groups suffered at the hands of the Internal Revenue Service stymied the Katy (Texas) Tea Party’s efforts at a critical time leading to the 2012 elections, said the group’s former president, Darcy Kahrhoff. Darcy this week disclosed the written demands different IRS offices issued from 2010 to 2012, detailing […]

Clear Lake Tea Party Reveals IRS Misconduct in 2010

Received this press release from the Clear Lake Tea Party: CONTACT: Mary Huls 832-618-6575 mhuls912@gmail.com   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Clear Lake Tea Party Reveals IRS Misconduct in 2010 May 20, 2013 (Clear Lake, TX) – The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) conducted an intrusive and illegal intelligence gathering and intimidation effort against the Clear Lake Tea Party (CLTP) […]

Houston Tea Party Society Ballot Primer

Felicia Cravens and the Houston Tea Party Society presented an information session on the complicated, very long, Harris County November ballot Tuesday evening. They had a decent turnout for a short notice, Tuesday evening meeting, I’d guess the total turnout, including many candidates, was close to a hundred people. Political activist Neal Meyer not only […]

Houston Tea Party Society Election Season Ballot Primer

The Houston Tea Party Society is presenting an informational meeting tomorrow night to help you (and me) prepare for the very long ballot this November. From the Facebook event information: Join Houston’s original Tea Party in the ultimate election day primer for what’s on your ballot. In this free event we’ll go over the issues […]

King Street Patriots host all-party Harris County Candidate Meet-Greet

Fun stuff coming up Sept. 24th and October 1st. The King Street Patriots, holding firm to the original vision of a non-political party affiliated tea party, will be hosting two candidate meet-greets for ALL candidates on the Harris County ballot in November. The first one, this coming Monday, Sept. 24th, will be for all non-judicial […]

Jordan Fishman on Ted Cruz: We don’t need another phony lawyer in Washington, D.C.

His is a tale of high intrigue, complete with a traitorous “friend” and two court victories with nary a penny to show for it. Who is this person? His name is Jordan Fishman and he wants you to know the truth about Texas U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz before you make a horrible choice and […]

Craig James to speak at Clear Lake Tea Party 4th Annual Tax Day Rally

I received this from the Clear Lake Tea Party: Geri Bentley tells me that US Senate candidate Craig James is a late addition as a featured speaker. I think I’ll head out there and check him out. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and talk to him but Ed Hubbard gave him high […]

Harris County Republican Party: I’m part of the solution and here’s the problem

In the words of the Indianapolis Colts former head coach, Jim Mora, “…playoffs?  You wanna talk about playoffs?”   Just for fun, let’s trade the word playoffs for the word ‘transparency’.  I know, I know, stop using the word ‘transparency’ you say.  It fits in this instance though, especially when you’re talking about politics.  Local, Harris […]

Harris County Republican Party: How do we pay for the SD conventions?

Frankly, I have been amazed, and humbled, by the reaction to my last post.  Much of what I wrote has been known and discussed openly among party activists for years, but I guess sometimes it takes a catalytic event, like the horrible idea of a speakers’ tax for our candidates and elected officials to speak […]

God into politics or yet more tea party irrelevance?

The headshaking started early today. I just had to read Harvey Kronberg’s Quorum Report’s daily News Clips You Need to See email and this headline popped out: GROUP AIMS TO BRING GOD INTO POLITICS. I shouldn’t have let Google search for it but I couldn’t resist. Sure enough, the usual suspects are involved. The article […]