Rape Victims v. The Houston Police Department

Last week, the citizens of Harris County learned the story of an elderly woman who has been waiting for justice for over nine years. In August 2003, a man viciously raped this 77-year-old woman who was legally blind. Immediately following the brutal assault, she was taken to the hospital where medical personnel obtained evidence samples […]

Harris County DA race: Domestic Violence

As I’ve noted before, this race is too lopsided to even call a race. Mike Anderson will win hands down, easily, not break a sweat, etc., because he is clearly the most qualified candidate. But since it is on the ballot, he might as well pile on. I just received this press release from his […]

Sen. John Cornyn pushes SAFER Act through committee

Texas Sen. John Cornyn continues to do work of the people. JOHN CORNYN United States Senator – Texas For Immediate Release Thursday, September 20, 2012 Judiciary Committee Approves Sen. Cornyn’s Bipartisan SAFER Act Bill Seeks To Eliminate Massive National Rape Kit Backlog WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and former […]

Protestors Block Access to Texas Disability Assistance Office

Contrary to THIS Houston Chronicle report, approximately 30 protesters blocked access to small businesses and disrupted services used by visual & hearing impaired Houstonians yesterday. The building, at 3311 Richmond Avenue, houses the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services office. Texas DARS, in conjunction with two State agencies, recently produced two American Sign Language videos on […]

Raul Torres tries to break Democratic Party chokehold, again

Competitive races for Texas Senate District seats are rare for any number of reasons but mostly because during redistricting incumbents protect themselves.  About the only SD race that “political pros” think is competitive is that for SD-10 between incumbent Sen. Wendy Davis (D) and challenger Rep. Mark Shelton (R).  But there is another race that […]

Doug Weiskopf: A modest proposal

As Congress argues over extending the Bush tax cuts across the board, once again Republicans–especially the Republican leadership in Congress– are proving themselves to be poor politicians, stupidly allowing themselves to be backed into a corner and characterized as “protecting the rich.”   In fact, the Bush tax cuts benefited those in the lower incomes much more than […]

David Dewhurst, Ted Cruz surrogates battle at HPRA meeting

Well, I made it out to the Houston Property Rights Association meeting yesterday to watch surrogates for the David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz campaigns battle it out. It was painful to sit through as former State Rep. Ashley Smith calmly recited fact after fact about the Lt. Gov.’s record and Rafael Cruz, Ted’s father, was […]

Texas US Senate Race: David Dewhurst is the right choice

With early voting right around the corner, It is time to make final decisions on candidates. Amongst the contested statewide races, none is more important than making the right choice to replace retiring U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. And in that race, the clear choice to represent Texas is current Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. Mind […]

A Response to Dick Weekley/Fraud Against Texas Taxpayers Resolution

Dear GOP Leaders, You may have recently received correspondence from Mr. Richard Weekley, Chairman of Texans For Lawsuit Reform, regarding the “Fraud Against Texas Taxpayers Resolution.” I would appreciate a few moments of your time to address some of the accusations and misrepresentations Mr. Weekley makes. First, I have had the opportunity to work alongside […]

Our Health Care Dilemma

In today’s Wall Street Journal, columnist Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., provides this interesting analysis (Conservatives and the Mandate)  of the root problem with our health care system.  Distilled to its essence, the problem with Obamacare (and Romneycare, and Schwarzeneggercare), it that they perpetuate and worsen an already existing distortion of the market for health care.  […]