Harris County Republican Party reaching out

And choice in education is the wave of the future because it represents a return to some of our most basic American values. Choice in education is no mere abstraction. Like its economic cousin, free enterprise, and its political cousin, democracy, it affords hope and opportunity. – Ronald Reagan, 1989 This past Sunday, Republicans in Harris […]

Faux grassroots groups fear transparency, attack Texas Republicans

Do you call it hypocrisy when a group pretends to be grassroots but is actually funded by one person? Is it hypocrisy when these same faux grassroots groups demand transparency from politicians but want their own finances to remain protected under the cover of darkness? If it isn’t hypocrisy, what is it? The reason for […]

Chris Busby’s response to the Harris County Republican Party Vacancy Committee

First of all I want to say thank you to my friend David Jennings who messaged me inquiring about my recent encounter with the Vacancy Committee. Since his post last week about said encounter I’ve had an outpouring of support from friends, party activists, precinct chairs, and elected officials. I truly appreciate the support of […]

It’s Simple, Really

Day after day, I read something new or hear something about the latest and greatest invention or “angle” from different groups or individuals within the Republican Block who have the answer on “Outreach.” Notice I didn’t say Republican Party, because I will get to that shortly. I am somewhat, no, very amused by how quickly […]

Big Jolly goes phone banking!

Whoo Hoo! I went down to the Harris County Republican Headquarters on Richmond and joined in the fun! Yeah, yeah, that’s cool. I wouldn’t have believed it either except that I was there and I have a picture to prove it! Hey, nothing to it! No one cursed me out or anything. Look, if I […]

Greater Houston Pachyderms to talk Tort Reform

Tomorrow’s meeting of the Greater Houston Pachyderm Club should be very, very interesting. Pat Kiley will be the featured speaker on behalf of Texans for Lawsuit Reform. As you are probably aware, there is a move within the conservative Republican ranks to pull back on tort reform. And TLR itself is one of the reasons […]

Harris County West Side Republican Headquarters

As I noted here, today was the grand opening of the West Side Republican headquarters. I must say that Commissioner Steve Radack really came through – the office is perfectly located and is huge! Think about it: You can volunteer in the morning, then head over to Edd Hendee’s Taste of Texas for lunch! You […]