Rachel Palmer, Pat Lykos exonerated

I’m always amazed at the way “professional media” goes after public figures, tearing them down and ruining their reputations as they chase a “story”. They trumpet their efforts with outrageous and misleading headlines and teasers, throwing caution to the wind in an effort to get more readers, listeners, or viewers. Or perhaps, like one beat […]

Former District Attorney Pat Lykos exonerated yet again

The good ol’ boys club that wants the Harris County District Attorney’s office to go back to the good old days of injustice for all (but them and their friends) had another bad day yesterday. After a year of harassing former DA Pat Lykos with a THIRD grand jury, once again the verdict is – […]

Harris County DA Mike Anderson: if it looks like drugs, arrest ‘em!

As expected, new Harris County District Attorney Mike Anderson has reversed former DA Pat Lykos’ common sense “trace case” policy with his own – er, I mean, with the “judgment” of the police officer on the scene: From: Bill Moore Sent: Wed 1/23/2013 2:03 PM To: All DA Employees News from the front: A charge […]

Harris County DA Pat Lykos sued for unlawful retaliation

In what is probably a start of litigation surrounding the Houston Police Department’s Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT) vans and what is referred to as the 185th Runaway Grand Jury, two former HPD technicians filed a lawsuit in federal court this morning alleging that Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos and Assistant Harris County District Attorney […]

Harris County Democrats: no diversity, no tolerance

Methinks that the “new” Harris County Democratic Party Chair Lane Lewis is much like the old HCDP chair – full of hot air and no substance. From KHOU 11 News’ Brad Woodard: The Harris County Democratic Party apparently sees that as an endorsement and a violation of party rules.  It has announced that it will […]

Harris County DA Race: Republicans should re-elect Pat Lykos

It is time to make a choice. Early voting starts Monday, here are the locations and times.  If you have not made up your mind about the Harris County District Attorney, perhaps I can help. I’m voting for Judge Pat Lykos and here is why. Justice. First and foremost, that is the word that pushed, […]

Harris County DA Debate Straw Poll Results

Just for fun, I slipped an unannounced straw poll ballot into the hands of the attendees at Thursday night’s Harris County Republican Party Primary District Attorney debate. I didn’t announce it because the popular thing to do with straw polls is for a candidate to ask their supporters to come out and stack the poll. […]

Harris County DA debate recap: Pat Lykos v Mike Anderson

Have you ever had an idea for something and then pulled it off exactly as planned? You know that feeling you get when that happens? That is how I feel about the Harris County District Attorney’s debate that was held at the King Street Patriots’ headquarters last night. If you missed it, well, you missed […]

Harris County DA Debate Tonight! Mike Anderson v Pat Lykos!

Okay, yeah, I  know, I’ve beat you over the head about this over the last week or so. But that is only because I truly think that the outcome of this race will decide the fate of the Harris County Republican Party in November. There is no Judge Ed Emmett on the top of the […]