Obama or Romney? Prediction time!

Okay, we’re down to the wire. Tomorrow will either be the end of a four year nightmare in the White House or a fresh start, a chance to return to some of our founding principles. So….who do you think is going to win? There is a very cool interactive site called 270towin.com that let’s us […]

Mitt Romney’s finances – leading by example

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking – that isn’t what the mass media is saying about Mitt Romney! They’re mocking him for “only” paying 14% in Federal Income taxes, as if that makes him somehow “elitist” or “not a man of the people”. But let’s look at the bigger picture of his actual 2011 […]

Compromise is not a four letter word

I was recently sent this article, “Time for Ron Paul Fans to Support the Constitution”.  The article is well written and lays out the main arguments why Ron Paul supporters and Libertarians should rally behind Mitt Romney.  Unfortunately, this same argument comes out every in every election.  And every election we hear the same thing […]

Obama’s anti-Jewish bias

Mitt Romney asks: Whose Democratic Party is it? And O makes certain you know that the party belongs to him and his radical Muslim friends: UNREAL… Obama Invites Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President to Meet Next Week – Refuses to Meet Netanyahu The polls be damned. This is going to be a blowout of Carteresque proportion. […]

Individualism v. Community: The false debate at the core of this election

I’ll return to my series on Texas Education soon, but I want to share some thoughts after digesting the rhetoric from both national political conventions.  My first and over-riding thought was how baffled Adam Smith and William Jennings Bryan would be if they had somehow been able to return to this world for the last […]

The Election Choice—Can Romney make it simple? Can Romney be Romney?

Watching all of the pundits say that Romney has to make himself likable is beginning to drive me crazy.  Of course no one wants to embrace a dour person (though Richard Nixon was on 4 of 5 winning national tickets, just proving that there are exceptions to every rule), but Romney is not dour, and […]

Bob Price at the Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club

TexasGOPVote.com’s Bob Price was the featured speaker at the Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club on Thursday, 8/9. He spoke about: Mitt Romney’s potential VP choice Ted Cruz’s victory Local elections in November On Romney’s VP choice, Bob gave a rundown of the pluses and minuses of each of the candidates thought to be in the running. […]

My Letter to Mitt Romney

Well, as the Republican Presidential roadshow moves on to South Carolina, I must admit that the disappointment I expressed in my last post is turning, slowly, to a begrudging acceptance of the looming reality we face.  No matter how much I still hope that another candidate will emerge during the primaries, or at the convention, […]

Some Perspective about Electability and Consistency

Well, we now are getting mercifully closer to the beginning of the voting in the Republican caucuses and primaries to choose our next Presidential Nominee.  As I pointed out in a recent post about a focus-group we conducted at the last meeting of the Clear Lake Area Republicans, we Republicans share a lot of anxiety […]