Harris County Grand Jury System needs reform

Patricia Pollard: An example of a system gone wrong There are many cliques around the Harris County Criminal Justice Center. In 2012, we saw these factions unite to support a false narrative about then District Attorney Pat Lykos and tarnish many good people in the process. In the old days, for example, the courtrooms of […]

Harris County DA, HPD Homicide scandal widens

Chronicle Reporter James Pinkerton continues to kill it. His latest Easter Sunday article includes information from the recently obtained disciplinary records for the officers fired and disciplined in the HPD homicide unit scandal. The revelations were countless and shocking. Let me try and summarize the facts. The disciplinary records reveal that the investigation involving (former) […]

Will Houston’s version of Kermit Gosnell be investigated and charged?

As shocking as the photos and stories from ex-employees are in this report from Operation Rescue, I can’t say that I’m surprised: The three informants, Deborah Edge, Gigi Aguliar, and Krystal Rodriguez, have come forward to tell of their horrific experiences working for abortionist Douglas Karpen, at one of three of his Texas abortion clinics, […]

Harris County DA bunker mentality reinforcement training

Judging from the email and death stares I’ve gotten from my first post about Harris County District Attorney Mike Anderson’s initial attempt at training his staff, I’m not too popular in some Republican circles. Such is the life of blogging. And although I freely admit that I’m biased, my bias isn’t the reason that I’m […]

Ethics training at the Harris County District Attorney’s office

Immediately after the conclusion of newly elected Harris County District Attorney Mike Anderson’s first mandatory training session for Assistant District Attorneys, several people that were appalled by the “training” asked me to look into it. So I filed a Texas Public Information Act to obtain a copy of the video taken at the training session, […]

Harris County DA Mike Anderson: if it looks like drugs, arrest ‘em!

As expected, new Harris County District Attorney Mike Anderson has reversed former DA Pat Lykos’ common sense “trace case” policy with his own – er, I mean, with the “judgment” of the police officer on the scene: From: Bill Moore Sent: Wed 1/23/2013 2:03 PM To: All DA Employees News from the front: A charge […]

Harris County DA race: Domestic Violence

As I’ve noted before, this race is too lopsided to even call a race. Mike Anderson will win hands down, easily, not break a sweat, etc., because he is clearly the most qualified candidate. But since it is on the ballot, he might as well pile on. I just received this press release from his […]

King Street Patriots Host All-Party Candidate Meet Greet

I had a great time tonight at the King Street Patriots candidate meet greet! There was a good turnout of both candidates and voters and I promise you this – the voters got to see candidates they never would have been exposed to and the candidates got to meet voters they never would have otherwise. […]

Whoa – Republican DA Candidate Mike Anderson hanging with Democrat anti-Semite?

What the heck? LikeComment Mike Anderson for Harris County District Attorney Out on the campaign trail with owner of Farouk Systems, Farouk Shami, a friend and supporter of the campaign Like ·  · Share · Yesterday Mike, are you kidding me? Friend and supporter of the campaign? Here is Shami with Neil Aquino, who blogs as the Texas Liberal: And […]

Harris County Democratic Party gets its writ kicked

If you haven’t heard by now, Lloyd Oliver, Harris County Democratic Party nominee for District Attorney, will be on the ballot in November. Judge Bill Burke entered the order in time for the ballot printing and verifying process to proceed as normal. Most observers do not expect the HCDP to appeal his decision. How bizarre […]