Downtown Houston Pachyderm Rebuild Houston guest tries to sell ice to Eskimos

Holy Buckets, Batman! You have a tear in your leotards! That was my first thought when Downtown Houston Pachyderm President Sophia Mafrige introduced the second guest speaker of the day, Gilbert Herrera representing Rebuild Houston. That’s what I get for not paying attention to the weekly email and not coming to the meeting prepared. If […]

Montgomery, Fort Bend, Harris Counties and The Alinsky Effect

Three recent events revealed the desperate & ugly tactics of elected officials in Fort Bend, Montgomery & Harris County. For those with an under-appreciation of the Alinsky tactics used by the Political Left & The Republicans Who Love Them, allow me to share with you how Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals are being implemented by the […]

Mayor of 4th Largest City Abandons NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Group

Via The Daily Caller. Regular readers of BJP know we focus our writings on the Texas counties of Harris & Fort Bend. It’s a logical assumption then to, well…assume…the 4th largest city I’ve referenced is the City of Houston, currently the 4th largest city in the United States. You’d be incorrect in that assumption because […]

It’s Simple, Really

Day after day, I read something new or hear something about the latest and greatest invention or “angle” from different groups or individuals within the Republican Block who have the answer on “Outreach.” Notice I didn’t say Republican Party, because I will get to that shortly. I am somewhat, no, very amused by how quickly […]

City’s proposal to test rape kits out of state is misguided

The Houston City Council plans to vote this week on Mayor Annise Parker’s plan to have thousands upon thousands of untested rape kits processed by vendors in Utah and Virginia. As Don Hooper points out in a post titled Rape Victims v. The Houston Police Department-The Goal Line, this vote comes on the recommendation of a […]

Houston Moves FORWARD! Job Losses To Affect 123 Families in Houston

The 10.1 % unemployment rate in California must be an unemployment rate the Harris County & Houston Democrats are trying to emulate. Another 123 Houston families will be thrown onto food stamps, unemployment insurance and God knows what other misery when 70 people at Champion Windows (in CD-2) and 53 people at Devon Energy (in […]

Another Step Forward! Will Houston-Area Kroger Stores Employees Become Casualties of Obamacare?

In early October 2012, both the Orlando Sentinel and the Dallas Business Journal reported Darden Restaurants would experiment with limiting the hours worked by its employees in order to avoid health care requirements under Obamacare. Darden Restaurants, owners of the dining chains Olive Garden, Red Lobster, The Capital Grille, Longhorn Steakhouse and Eddie V’s (to […]

Houston Tea Party Society Ballot Primer

Felicia Cravens and the Houston Tea Party Society presented an information session on the complicated, very long, Harris County November ballot Tuesday evening. They had a decent turnout for a short notice, Tuesday evening meeting, I’d guess the total turnout, including many candidates, was close to a hundred people. Political activist Neal Meyer not only […]

Obama “Double Vote” HQ in Houston Owned by Former Jackson-Lee Staffer

Public property records show the building housing Organizing For America’s Houston headquarters is owned by Gerald Womack, former district manager for U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee. The building, located at 4400 Almeda, is the location of a recently surfaced video on PJ Media and Election Law Center where a paid Obama Organizing for America director in […]

What You Might Want to Know About Houston’s Proposition 1

Taking a cue from Nancy Pelosi’s “we have to pass the bill so we can find out what is in it” let’s take a peek at Houston’s Proposition No. 1 to “find out what is in it”, shall we? Proposition No 1 seems innocuous enough. It makes sense to amend a city charter by removing […]