If Harris County Sheriff’s Department needs a helicopter, we should fund it legitimately

Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia’s hiring of former Houston Chronicle reporter Alan Bernstein continues to pay dividends. This piece under the byline of Chron reporter Kiah Collier reads like a Bernstein press release, which it probably was. The link on Chron.com is broken but as luck would have it (or coordination), it is in full […]

Harris County Sheriff Race: Louis Guthrie takes lead

That could have been the headline based upon the KHOU/Stein poll for Harris County that was released last week if the subject was the Harris County Sheriff’s race. Instead, you get this blurb: Republican crossover voters are helping push Democratic Sheriff Adrian Garcia to 51 percent in this survey, compared to Republican challenger Louis Guthrie’s […]

Harris County Republican Party Sheriff Runoff: Louis Guthrie v Carl Pittman

It was a busy week for the candidates left in the Harris County Republican Party runoff, Louis Guthrie and Carl Pittman. And me! They participated in three different forums/interviews and I was present at each one. I’m going to have to make this post a two parter – one a report on the forums and […]

Harris County Sheriff: Louis Guthrie is my choice

This is an interesting race. With the exception of one candidate, everyone has been positive and running on their own merit. And even that candidate is positive in public appearances, using surrogates to slime his opponents in the background. But when you finally sort through the records, two guys stand out: Louis Guthrie and Harold […]

Harris County Sheriff candidate Louis Guthrie wins appeal

I told you earlier that it had been a good week for Louis Guthrie. In addition to winning the poll taken after the Harris County DA Debate this past Thursday, Mr. Guthrie finally sees a light at the end of the dark tunnel that current Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia put him in for the […]

Harris County Sheriff candidate Louis Guthrie: a natural born leader

Some men (and women) were born to be leaders – candidate for Harris County Sheriff Louis Guthrie certainly fits that bill. From the very first time I met him, he has exuded the confidence that comes from being a two-time high school class president, captain of the football team, 100 Club Officer of the Year, […]

Harris County Sheriff race: Heuszel takes straw poll

Well, I guess I can’t say that I’m shocked because I told you that Harris County Sheriff candidate Harold Heuszel had substance but when I received the results of the straw poll held after the forum at the Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club today, I was surprised. Here are the results: Harold Heuszel 34.8% Louis Guthrie […]

Harris County Sheriff Candidate Forum

The San Jacinto Republican Women held a forum for the candidates hoping for a shot at current Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia in November. As with most things this club does, it was strictly controlled and followed Ronald Reagan’s rule about not attacking fellow Republicans. The candidates were told up front not to mention the […]