Will Al Green and Kevin Brady change their campaign websites?

Al Green and Kevin Brady–call your webmaster! On December 13th I wrote this post after Breitbart reported the budget deal passed by the US House of Representatives  demanded a 1% cut in the COLA of retired military veterans pensions. According to the Washington Free Beacon, the deal also forced  retired military veteran pensioners OFF the current […]

The sad, sad state of the Harris County Republican Party

Tip: for those of you that are not in Harris County or don’t care about Republicans in Harris County, now is a good time to tune out. I’m going to vent a little about the state of the Republican Party in Harris County and you’ll undoubtedly be bored The fact that Harris County used to […]

Court Koenning makes it official – he’s running for Harris County District Clerk

We already knew it but now it is official – former Harris County Republican Party Executive Director Court Koenning is going to try and oust incumbent Chris Daniel in the Republican Primary next year. And he’s starting with a bang – endorsements from Sen. Dan Patrick and noted slate mailer Dr. Steve Hotze: July 1, […]

Texas Senate touts pig as lipstick

In what is becoming commonplace for the 83rd session, the Texas Senate passed SB1907, a bill by Sen. Glenn Hegar (R-18) that would allow students to have guns on, near, um, no, how about far, far away from their persons while on campus. From Claire Cardona in the Dallas Morning News: Senators voted Tuesday to […]

Will we let more cowbell deliver Harris County to the Left?

On the heels of David Jennings’ pointed article on Chris Busby’s recent experience before the Harris County Republican Party Vacancy Committee, Chris Busby’s follow-up, and buzz and comments among activists, is there more to say?  Yeah.  Lots.  Let’s keep talking. There’s always tension between political activists, and their party’s candidates and officeholders.  Activists advance principles.  […]

Places to be, people to see

At first glance, this doesn’t look like a strong week for attending political events. But if you look a little closer, this week has the makings of a landmark week in Harris County if you are a Republican primary voter. One of the most intriguing events is a public meeting of the United Republicans of […]

Harris County Republican Party: Yo, dude, do you support pedophilia?

So I wake up a bit early this morning and find this in my Facebook Big Jolly Politics page Inbox: In a 2011 article, Ed Hubbard wrote: “Rather than drive these people away from us, can’t we acknowledge their courage, examine their qualifications based on competence and character, and then, welcome them to join us […]

It’s Simple, Really

Day after day, I read something new or hear something about the latest and greatest invention or “angle” from different groups or individuals within the Republican Block who have the answer on “Outreach.” Notice I didn’t say Republican Party, because I will get to that shortly. I am somewhat, no, very amused by how quickly […]

Places to be, People to see

Here are a few things on the political calendar for next week in Houston/Harris County – note TWO Jerry Patterson sightings. Looks like he’s starting to get active in his run for Lt. Governor. San Jacinto Republican Women – Chris Daniel When: Mon Mar 18, 2013 6pm to Mon Mar 18, 2013 7pm  CDT Where: […]

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett’s State of the County

As you probably know, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett gave his sixth “state of the county” address Monday. About a thousand people filled the grand ballroom of the downtown Hilton Americas to hear the speech, held by the Greater Houston Partnership and paid for with private funds. That last part is important because some people […]