Dannie votes for Dew, gets taste of own medicine

Heh, you gotta love it when someone gets a taste of their own medicine! For years, Dan Patrick sat behind the microphone of KSEV in Houston and blasted every politician in sight. No matter what they did, they were wrong and Dannie let them know it. His rhetoric was only exceeded by his hypocrisy, leading […]

Downtown Houston Pachyderm Meeting 7-26-12

Well, sometimes, people disappoint you. Or, in this case, disappoint me. I wasn’t certain that the Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club was meeting today because there was no information on the website or Facebook, but I took a chance and drove downtown anyway. Fortunately, they were meeting. Hey, I’m a member in good standing (I guess, […]

Gov. Rick Perry – the reports of his political death are greatly exaggerated

After reading much commentary about Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s “weakness” after his failed presidential bid, I decided to check it out for myself. Mind you, I’ve never been a huge Rick Perry fan but I’ve learned that you should not underestimate his ability. I’ve been to a fair number (dozens?) of his rallies, so I […]

Tom Leppert quietly moving into position for runoff

Conventional wisdom in Texas politics says that a mayor can’t make the jump to winning a statewide race. Former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert is trying to break that conventional wisdom and has quietly moved into the number two slot behind Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. I sat down with him and discussed a wide range of […]