A Prayer to Bury the Loner Among Us

As we entered the past weekend and prepared for Thanksgiving, a wave of emotions and thoughts hit me as I stopped and absorbed so many of the articles and TV documentaries about the end of John F. Kennedy’s life and Presidency.  I know a lot has already been printed and broadcast about this event over […]

Another Interesting Week

As I approach the end of some weeks, I often marvel at what has occurred during just that short passage of time.  This week was one of those weeks.  From the four major opinions issued by the U.S. Supreme Court, to Obama’s arrogant and sweeping plan to control the climate by fiat, to the late-hour […]

NSA leaks: We Must Ask the Right Questions

The news reports about the federal government’s programs of data collection from phone companies and Internet porthole/search-engine providers have troubled many of us, especially as they come on top of recent stories about     the unfolding investigations into the IRS’ politicized handling of tax-exemptions, the politicized handling of the Benghazi affair (both before and […]

Organizing for Action: The plot thickens

The same day that I was finalizing my last post about Organizing for Action (also known by its acronym, “OFA”), I had lunch with a friend of mine who also is a local lawyer and a Republican.  As our conversation turned to the several scandals now swirling around the Obama Administration, I told him about […]

The Real Scandal with the IRS: Organizing for Action and the Chicago-style Misuse of Governmental Power

In recent posts I have addressed two distinct issues:  the attempt by the Democratic Party to use new technology to nationalize the urban-machine approach to party building mastered in Chicago during the 20th Century; and the coerced conformity at the root of the modern progressive view of society.  Now I want to show how these […]

The IRS Scandal and Obama’s Magical Kingdom

When I first saw the excerpts of President Obama’s commencement speech at The Ohio State University, I shook my head over what seemed to be his increasingly bitter and false critique of the conservative view of limited government.  Then as the news of the IRS scandal expanded, including the local angle of its impact on […]

Local Government: The GOP and the School District Dilemma

I want to follow-up on my last post about the importance of local government to the principles that we conservatives and Republicans hold dear, and to return to the issue of education reform as an example of the challenges we face at the local government level. To set the stage for this discussion, let’s establish […]

Lessons I learned Over the last Few Days

It goes without saying that some days or weeks are more eventful and consequential than others, and that we often don’t fully appreciate the full impact of such moments in time until long after they occur.  As I have been trying to make sense of everything I have witnessed over the last 10 days, a […]

Dr. Gosnell and the Societal Price for Autonomy

What I am about to write here is not another tome about the abortion debate within the GOP.  I have found over the years that, if we conservatives were to listen to each other more than we preach at each other, we would find that there is very little substantive moral distance between the positions […]

The RNC is right (for once!): “The Republican Party needs to stop talking to itself.”

Earlier this week the Republican National Committee published a report from its “Growth and Opportunity Project,”  which outlines the current weaknesses of the party and offers detailed recommendations for addressing those weaknesses.  Although I agree with many of the observations and recommendations, the report spent about 100 pages to finally admit to the reality that […]