Dewhurst rocks Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club

Heh, I never thought I would say that Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst rocked anything. And I bet you didn’t either. But what a difference a year and a hard-fought campaign make. Gone was the board stiff, standoffish demeanor, replaced with a warm, confident, hand-shaking, back-slapping, fist bumping, relaxed candidate who entered the room to a […]

Playing the Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst blame game

Goodness, I escape to the mountains in Arkansas for a week and all hell breaks out in Texas. Go figure. Worse than the mob that took over the Texas Senate last week protesting some very commonsense restrictions on abortion was the response of the man currently holding the office, David Dewhurst, and the three dwarfs […]

Lt. Guv race: Staples new video, Patterson at KWTP

The race for Texas Lt. Governor is starting to take shape, Today, the Todd Staples campaign released a new video: The video is very well produced and does exactly what needs to be done at this point in the campaign – introduces/reintroduces you to the candidate, let’s you know that there is a battle looming […]

Ted Cruz – David Dewhurst wrap up

Okay, I’ve been meaning to write about the Ted Cruz – David Dewhurst race for a bit but got sidetracked by the birth of my first grandchild! Pictures here – hey, I’m a grandpa now, I can do that stuff. It was a shellacking. No doubt about that. But in answer to all of the […]

David Dewhurst: let’s fight until the polls close!

If you are, like me, a supporter of a man with a great conservative record, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, then you might be disheartened by the noise coming from the Washington media that the race for US Senator is over. Don’t be! This race isn’t over and we need every vote we can get! I […]

Dannie votes for Dew, gets taste of own medicine

Heh, you gotta love it when someone gets a taste of their own medicine! For years, Dan Patrick sat behind the microphone of KSEV in Houston and blasted every politician in sight. No matter what they did, they were wrong and Dannie let them know it. His rhetoric was only exceeded by his hypocrisy, leading […]

One last chance: Dewhurst vs. Cruz

At the bizarro Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club meeting today, my good friend Don Hooper advised me that there was one more chance to see a debate between surrogates for the Cruz/Dewhurst campaigns. Cruz vs. Dewhurst Battle of the Surrogates  This Friday’s HPRA lunchtime presentation will feature two gentlemen representing the two camps in the fight […]

Downtown Houston Pachyderm Meeting 7-26-12

Well, sometimes, people disappoint you. Or, in this case, disappoint me. I wasn’t certain that the Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club was meeting today because there was no information on the website or Facebook, but I took a chance and drove downtown anyway. Fortunately, they were meeting. Hey, I’m a member in good standing (I guess, […]

David Dewhurst, Ted Cruz: different paths to the same goal

Well, the last televised debate of the long campaign to replace retiring US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has come and gone. The end is near. The decision is up to you – will you choose Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, with his long record of business and conservative legislation success? Or will you choose Ted Cruz, […]

Texas US Senate Race: David Dewhurst is the right choice

With early voting right around the corner, It is time to make final decisions on candidates. Amongst the contested statewide races, none is more important than making the right choice to replace retiring U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. And in that race, the clear choice to represent Texas is current Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. Mind […]