Harris County Republican Party: Yo, dude, do you support pedophilia?

So I wake up a bit early this morning and find this in my Facebook Big Jolly Politics page Inbox: In a 2011 article, Ed Hubbard wrote: “Rather than drive these people away from us, can’t we acknowledge their courage, examine their qualifications based on competence and character, and then, welcome them to join us […]

Houston Moves FORWARD! Job Losses To Affect 123 Families in Houston

The 10.1 % unemployment rate in California must be an unemployment rate the Harris County & Houston Democrats are trying to emulate. Another 123 Houston families will be thrown onto food stamps, unemployment insurance and God knows what other misery when 70 people at Champion Windows (in CD-2) and 53 people at Devon Energy (in […]

Harris County Democratic Party gets its writ kicked

If you haven’t heard by now, Lloyd Oliver, Harris County Democratic Party nominee for District Attorney, will be on the ballot in November. Judge Bill Burke entered the order in time for the ballot printing and verifying process to proceed as normal. Most observers do not expect the HCDP to appeal his decision. How bizarre […]

Harris County Democratic Party vs Lloyd Oliver – vote suppression attempt?

At yesterday’s Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club, Ed Johnson from the Harris County Clerk’s office gave an update on the attempt by the Harris County Democratic Party to remove their District Attorney nominee, Lloyd Oliver, from the ballot in November. His update had to do with the effect on ballot printing and mail out ballots. It […]

Lloyd Oliver files suit in State Court, Democrats want Federal

The sage of the Harris County Democratic Party trying to remove a man duly elected in a primary continues this afternoon. We just aren’t certain where the latest round in the fight will be held. Harris County Democratic Party primary winner and District Attorney nominee Lloyd Oliver filed his complaint in State District Court – […]

Raul Torres tries to break Democratic Party chokehold, again

Competitive races for Texas Senate District seats are rare for any number of reasons but mostly because during redistricting incumbents protect themselves.  About the only SD race that “political pros” think is competitive is that for SD-10 between incumbent Sen. Wendy Davis (D) and challenger Rep. Mark Shelton (R).  But there is another race that […]

Houston Dem blogger-keyboard warrior: Put a cap in their ass!

Well, look who’s back to advocating shooting poll watchers! That’s right, our favorite little wuss blogger, Democrat John Coby, er Cobarruvias, er the Keyboard Warrior. You do recall the last time he gave me the opportunity to write about him, don’t you? Yes, he’s back, stronger than ever having watched a few gangsta videos where […]

My Letter to Mitt Romney

Well, as the Republican Presidential roadshow moves on to South Carolina, I must admit that the disappointment I expressed in my last post is turning, slowly, to a begrudging acceptance of the looming reality we face.  No matter how much I still hope that another candidate will emerge during the primaries, or at the convention, […]