Harris County DA race, runaway grand jury, pioneer woman

A few links for the weekend about the Harris County DA race. First, Charles Kuffner did post his interview with Republican primary challenger, Mike Anderson. Mike continued to make the charge that the DIVERT program and the DA’s “crack pipe trace evidence” policy are illegal. He even stated that the DIVERT program has been ruled […]

Harris County DA race: ADA retention – UPDATED

In case you haven’t heard, the Harris County District Attorney, Pat Lykos, is being challenged in the Republican primary by Mike Anderson. One of Mr. Anderson’s claims is that the DA’s office is losing Assistant District Attorneys at an alarming rate. A second part of the same claim is that the losses represent a loss […]

Harris County DA race: Mike Anderson receives HPOU endorsement

No surprise here: For Immediate Release:                          Contact:  Allen Blakemore Tuesday, February 14, 2012                 713-526-3399  Anderson gains HPOU endorsement and releases video  Houston – Mike Anderson, conservative Republican candidate for Harris County District Attorney, announced that he has gained the endorsement of the Houston Police Officers’ Union. “I am particularly pleased to announce this endorsement.  The HPOU […]

Harris County DA race: Lykos interview, Anderson radio ad

Do yourself a favor. Head over to Charles Kuffner’s Off the Kuff and listen to the full 44 minutes of his interview with Harris County DA Pat Lykos. Kuff is the big dog of local blogging for a reason – he’s pretty good at it when he sets his mind to it. And I think that […]

Harris County DA Pat Lykos to Rangers: Come on in and sit a spell!

As reported this past Friday, Harris County DA Pat Lykos has invited the Texas Rangers to come down and do a real investigation surrounding the activities of her office and the runaway grand jury from the 185th District Court. This morning, she notified her staff:     From: Salazar, Angela On Behalf Of Lykos, Patricia […]

Harris County DA race: Jolly talks to Johnny

That would be John B. Holmes, Jr. and he was a delight to chat with. We talked for about a half hour and the reports about him are true – you ask him a question, he gives you an answer. And I have to say this for the record: it was great talking to someone […]

Harris County DA race: vote for the commie or Democrat

Okay, so that is a lame headline but headlines are hard to write and I’m just a hayseed from Pasadena, so that is what you get. Today’s fun regarding the Harris County DA’s race comes once again from one of the protagonists (in my opinion) of the runaway grand jury, attorney Chip Lewis. You’ll recall […]

Harris County DA Pat Lykos and that cursory internet search

Politics. Sweet politics. Fun stuff when things are going your way, not so much when they aren’t. And this morning at 5 am as I viewed Ted Oberg’s latest missive against Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos, I wasn’t having fun. In fact, in that moment, I was pretty certain that I’d screwed up and […]

Harris County DA Lykos stands up to runaway grand jury

Finally, an elected official shows some backbone and stands up to a juvenile attempt to muck rake. As a former not so much fan of Harris County DA Lykos, I can say that she’s growing on me. If you’ve paid any attention to the news, you know she’s taken on some tough issues, issues that […]