Sen. Dan Patrick well positioned to win Lt. Governor race

Sen. Dan Patrick’s general consultant, Allen Blakemore held a tele-conference this afternoon to discuss their victory Tuesday and the upcoming runoff. I had to laugh when Blakemore talked about Patrick winning the areas with people, eventually saying that David Dewhurst is liked by cattle and farm animals while Dan Patrick is liked by people. Ouch. You can listen […]

Desperation brings out worst in Jerry Patterson

In politics, there is sleaze and then there is slime. Texas Land Commissioner and current candidate for Lt. Governor Jerry Patterson wins the Slime award of the 2014 Republican Primary for his most recent attack on Sen. Dan Patrick. And the two news organizations that helped the cash-strapped Patterson get his slime in front of […]

Sen. Dan Patrick aka Pappy O’Patrick

Magicians are trained in the art of misdirection: focus over here while I do something over there. Dan Patrick is a magician and he has perfected the art of deception. If you have heard Patrick speak on the campaign trail, you will notice that, when the questions get tough, he begins talking about his Christianity […]

Sen. Dan Patrick defining the race for Lt. Gov.

Like him, love him, hate him, or be indifferent towards him if you want but regardless of your opinion of Texas State Sen. Dan Patrick, you have to admit that he is defining the race in terms of issues and media coverage. In my opinion he’s leading  all of the candidates and the Republican Party […]