Ted Cruz – David Dewhurst wrap up

Okay, I’ve been meaning to write about the Ted Cruz – David Dewhurst race for a bit but got sidetracked by the birth of my first grandchild! Pictures here – hey, I’m a grandpa now, I can do that stuff. It was a shellacking. No doubt about that. But in answer to all of the […]

One last chance: Dewhurst vs. Cruz

At the bizarro Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club meeting today, my good friend Don Hooper advised me that there was one more chance to see a debate between surrogates for the Cruz/Dewhurst campaigns. Cruz vs. Dewhurst Battle of the Surrogates  This Friday’s HPRA lunchtime presentation will feature two gentlemen representing the two camps in the fight […]

Downtown Houston Pachyderm Meeting 7-26-12

Well, sometimes, people disappoint you. Or, in this case, disappoint me. I wasn’t certain that the Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club was meeting today because there was no information on the website or Facebook, but I took a chance and drove downtown anyway. Fortunately, they were meeting. Hey, I’m a member in good standing (I guess, […]

David Dewhurst, Ted Cruz: different paths to the same goal

Well, the last televised debate of the long campaign to replace retiring US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison has come and gone. The end is near. The decision is up to you – will you choose Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, with his long record of business and conservative legislation success? Or will you choose Ted Cruz, […]

Texas US Senate race: UT/TT poll, charitable contributions

There sure was a lot of noise about an unorthodox poll put out by UT and the Texas Tribune yesterday that claimed Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst had a decent lead over Ted Cruz, with the rest of the pack well back. The Cruz campaign is promoting it heavily, claiming that it shows him firmly in […]

Texas US Senate race campaign finance

Yeah, I know, I’m late to the game with this one. Once again, work interferes with blogging. So I’m sure that others have already broken down the campaign finance reports for Ted Cruz, David Dewhurst, and Tom Leppert but I’m going to do it anyway. Mostly because I like charts but also so that I […]

Ted Cruz speaks at the RHCIA monthly meeting

I’ll say this for the Republican Hispanic Citizens in Action group and their founder/cheerleader Bernadette McLeroy – they sure have grown since they moved their monthly meetings from the inner loop Casa Grande to the outer loop Cafe Adobe. This was my first visit since they moved locations and the upstairs room was packed. I’ll […]

Texas candidates for senator interview for the job

The Clear Lake Tea Party and the Alliance of Constitutional Patriots sponsored a candidate forum for candidates seeking the senate seat currently held by Sen. Kay Baily Hutchison last night on the University of Houston-Clear Lake campus. State Rep. John Davis (R-129) paid for the facility rental. The forum was well attended, it started at […]