Harris County Republican Party influence shrinks under Jared Woodfill’s leadership

Robert Miller had an interesting blog post this morning about the importance of the urban vote in the Texas Republican primary and ultimately picking statewide winners. The Republican primary vote has come to be dominated by the three corners of the Texas triangle.  In 2010, the Houston area[1] cast 19.34% of Republican primary votes; DFW[2] […]

Steve Radack to Harris County Republicans: get off your butt and do something

Harris County Precinct 3 Commissioner Steve Radack was the featured speaker at the Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club yesterday. He talked about a wide range of subjects but his warning about the November election is the one that stuck with me because I’ve been saying the same thing. We must overcome the weakness of the Harris […]

Protestors Block Access to Texas Disability Assistance Office

Contrary to THIS Houston Chronicle report, approximately 30 protesters blocked access to small businesses and disrupted services used by visual & hearing impaired Houstonians yesterday. The building, at 3311 Richmond Avenue, houses the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services office. Texas DARS, in conjunction with two State agencies, recently produced two American Sign Language videos on […]

Lloyd Oliver files suit in State Court, Democrats want Federal

The sage of the Harris County Democratic Party trying to remove a man duly elected in a primary continues this afternoon. We just aren’t certain where the latest round in the fight will be held. Harris County Democratic Party primary winner and District Attorney nominee Lloyd Oliver filed his complaint in State District Court – […]

Harris County Republican Party Town Hall – Bear Creek

In preparation for the November elections, the Harris County Republican Party held a Town Hall/Strategy Session Tuesday evening at Bear Creek Community Center. If the standing room only crowd that packed into room to hear Sen. Dan Patrick and Party Chair Jared Woodfill is any indication, Harris County Republicans are fired up and can’t wait […]

Harris County Republican Party: I’m part of the solution and here’s the problem

In the words of the Indianapolis Colts former head coach, Jim Mora, “…playoffs?  You wanna talk about playoffs?”   Just for fun, let’s trade the word playoffs for the word ‘transparency’.  I know, I know, stop using the word ‘transparency’ you say.  It fits in this instance though, especially when you’re talking about politics.  Local, Harris […]

Harris County Republican Party: Brother, can you spare a dime?

If you’ve been following Ed Hubbard’s posts about the state of the Harris County Republican Party or have been on the receiving end of any one of hundreds of emails about the situation at the HCRP, you already know that the party is financially broken. If you haven’t, I’ll recap: the party couldn’t afford to […]

Harris County Republican Party: How do we pay for the SD conventions?

Frankly, I have been amazed, and humbled, by the reaction to my last post.  Much of what I wrote has been known and discussed openly among party activists for years, but I guess sometimes it takes a catalytic event, like the horrible idea of a speakers’ tax for our candidates and elected officials to speak […]