Big Jolly goes phone banking!

Whoo Hoo! I went down to the Harris County Republican Headquarters on Richmond and joined in the fun! Yeah, yeah, that’s cool. I wouldn’t have believed it either except that I was there and I have a picture to prove it! Hey, nothing to it! No one cursed me out or anything. Look, if I […]

Harris County Westside Republican HQ Opening

Speaking of Steve Radack, I just received this from Karen Townsend, the Pondering Penguin: Westside Republican Headquarters Grand Opening! Monday, September 24, 5:30—7:00 p.m. Sponsored by Daughters of Liberty, Memorial West, and Village Republican Women 10321-B Katy Freeway @ Benignus (click here for map)(Inbound Access next to Jason’s Deli) Meet the Candidates ✬ ✬ ✬ Sign up to […]

Steve Radack to Harris County Republicans: get off your butt and do something

Harris County Precinct 3 Commissioner Steve Radack was the featured speaker at the Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club yesterday. He talked about a wide range of subjects but his warning about the November election is the one that stuck with me because I’ve been saying the same thing. We must overcome the weakness of the Harris […]

Harris County Republican Party Town Hall – Bear Creek

In preparation for the November elections, the Harris County Republican Party held a Town Hall/Strategy Session Tuesday evening at Bear Creek Community Center. If the standing room only crowd that packed into room to hear Sen. Dan Patrick and Party Chair Jared Woodfill is any indication, Harris County Republicans are fired up and can’t wait […]

Harris County DA Race: Republicans should re-elect Pat Lykos

It is time to make a choice. Early voting starts Monday, here are the locations and times.  If you have not made up your mind about the Harris County District Attorney, perhaps I can help. I’m voting for Judge Pat Lykos and here is why. Justice. First and foremost, that is the word that pushed, […]

Harris County DA Debate Tonight! Mike Anderson v Pat Lykos!

Okay, yeah, I  know, I’ve beat you over the head about this over the last week or so. But that is only because I truly think that the outcome of this race will decide the fate of the Harris County Republican Party in November. There is no Judge Ed Emmett on the top of the […]

Harris County Sheriff candidate Louis Guthrie: a natural born leader

Some men (and women) were born to be leaders – candidate for Harris County Sheriff Louis Guthrie certainly fits that bill. From the very first time I met him, he has exuded the confidence that comes from being a two-time high school class president, captain of the football team, 100 Club Officer of the Year, […]

Harris County Sheriff race: Heuszel takes straw poll

Well, I guess I can’t say that I’m shocked because I told you that Harris County Sheriff candidate Harold Heuszel had substance but when I received the results of the straw poll held after the forum at the Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club today, I was surprised. Here are the results: Harold Heuszel 34.8% Louis Guthrie […]

Harris County DA race: ADA retention – UPDATED

In case you haven’t heard, the Harris County District Attorney, Pat Lykos, is being challenged in the Republican primary by Mike Anderson. One of Mr. Anderson’s claims is that the DA’s office is losing Assistant District Attorneys at an alarming rate. A second part of the same claim is that the losses represent a loss […]

Harris County DA race: vote for the commie or Democrat

Okay, so that is a lame headline but headlines are hard to write and I’m just a hayseed from Pasadena, so that is what you get. Today’s fun regarding the Harris County DA’s race comes once again from one of the protagonists (in my opinion) of the runaway grand jury, attorney Chip Lewis. You’ll recall […]