“Zero” based budgeting

What a novel concept! Sadly, not enough people even know what this really means. Let’s put it into terms of your own home budget, if you have one. Assume you make $75,000 a year. You are married (wife or husband doesn’t draw a paycheck), two kids, two cars, a home (with mortgage) and a myriad […]

Schools trim few teachers following Texas state budget cuts, sky not falling just yet

Few teachers actually laid off in Texas. In many cases teachers were re-hired. In at least one case, a district reported having more teachers than it had before the state budget cuts. On a warm Saturday last March before a rally of more than 10,000 people on the south steps of the Texas Capitol, John […]

Leppert reports $1.1 million raised

Press release from the Tom Leppert for Senate campaign: Leppert Raises $1.1 Million During First Month of Senate Campaign $2.6 Million Cash On Hand “As I’ve Talked To Texans, Small Businessmen And Women, And The Republican Grassroots, It’s Been Clear They’re Looking To Elect A Real Texas Conservative To The U.S. Senate Who Understands How […]

House Republicans hold firm – will the Dew?

You wouldn’t know it from reading all of the negative press accounts but the Texas House Republicans took a giant step yesterday towards keeping the “Texas miracle” alive by passing a budget that limits spending to projected revenue over the next two years. And that, my friends, is awesome! Let the naysayers be the naysayers, […]

Big Jolly back on The Civil Right!

That's right, I'll be back on the air tomorrow with Natalie Arceneaux of The Civil Right Online. We'll be discussing the latest goings on of the Texas Legislature, including passage of HB 4, HB 275, and the ongoing debate on HB 1. Plus I'm sure she'll ambush me with an issue that is certain to […]

All hands on deck! Support your Texas Rep!

The time has come to decide the future of Texas and it boils down to a very simple question: will we continue the “Texas miracle” or will we submit to the powerful combined forces of public employees and a biased media and turn Texas into just another bankrupt state? Today, the Texas House will take […]

House Republicans will hold firm on budget

As the Texas House prepares to debate the budget tomorrow and Friday, let’s be clear about one thing: Republicans will not fold under pressure and raid the Rainy Day fund nor will they raise revenue in the form of higher taxes or significant revenue in the form of user fees. There, I said it. It’s […]

Texans not very outraged about cuts

That was the message that politicians should have received from the lame attempt at a protest yesterday afternoon in front of Houston’s City Hall. I’ll be generous and guess that there were around 400 “protesters” attending the rally, warning politicians not to cut spending. Of course, you can’t have a protest without a counter protest […]

Houston ISD Tax Dollars At Work: Paying For National Rifle Association Memberships?

Yesterday’s search of Houston ISD’s check register was by vendor names beginning with the letter “N”. The point of highlighting this expenditure is not to emphasize the amount, but to highlight the arrogance and blatant disregard for prioritizing common sense spending of tax dollars by the public sector. From another search of HISD’s check register (click […]