Annise Parker administration delays information request

Even if you are a supporter of Houston Mayor Annise Parker, you should be very unhappy with the way her administration is delaying release of information requested through the Texas Public Information Act until after the election tomorrow. Sunday’s Houston Chronicle featured a piece by reporter Mike Morris on ReBuild Houston and the different views […]

Ben Hall tries to set the record straight

Ben Hall should have been on the air with this weeks ago: The accompanying press release: Ben Hall Sets The Record Straight A Clear Choice Between A Visionary And A Liar This Election (Houston, TX) – The Ben Hall for Mayor campaign released a new television ad to kick off early voting in Houston and […]

Houston Controller race: Ronald Green in trouble

From the outset of the municipal elections in Houston, it was clear that besides Mayor Annise Parker, City Controller Ronald Green was vulnerable. Not because of his various ethics problems but because he simply wasn’t doing the job of pointing out to the mayor, council, and citizens the deep, structural financial issues that the City […]

Life in Prison for Wesley Bernard Gordon

The first story I ever wrote for Big Jolly involved rape kits and a serial rapist named Wesley Bernard Gordon. Wesley Bernard Gordon was sentenced to life in prison on September 19, 2013, for aggravated sexual assault of a victim 65 or older. Thank you, Assistant District Attorney Beth Exley. Wesley Gordon was one of […]

Mayor Parker recruits Pasadena man for Houston council

C.O. Clarence Bradford is our former Chief of Police and a current Houston City Councilman. I call him Chief. To say that he has been critical of some of the Mayor’s actions is an understatement. No doubt that good government comes through comprehensive debate and Chief offers just that – careful consideration. Unfortunately, Mayor Parker […]

Houston Mayoral Race: Ben Hall should just say no

You may or may not have heard Ben Hall’s request that the Houston Chronicle’s editorial board meeting between Hall and Mayor Annise Parker be made public: Thursday, September 5, 2013 Jeff Cohen, The Houston Chronicle has extended an invitation to mayoral candidates Annise Parker and Ben Hall to meet together with the editorial board staff on […]

Houston Mayor’s race – uppity black man running

What the heck is going on with the Houston Chronicle’s editorial board in this years Houston Mayor’s race? It looks like they’ve become an extension of Mayor Annise Parker’s re-election campaign team. And before you dismiss that statement as the ranting of some right-wing nutjob, keep in mind that I supported Parker in her runoff […]

Annise Parker no-billed by grand jury in 2000

Perhaps you were aware that Houston Mayor Annise Parker was investigated and no-billed by a Harris County Grand Jury in April of 2000 but I wasn’t. Here are several screen captures from the Harris County District Clerk’s office:       Now, it could be that I’m the only person in town that didn’t know […]