Michael Kubosh mulls run for new CD34 seat

Michael Kubosh, known best in Harris County for his efforts to force the City of Houston to turn off the revenue generating, accident creating red-light cameras, is seriously considering a run for the newly created 34th Congressional District, assuming that the court ordered interim map holds. Here is a look at the district: Mr. Kubosh has […]

The Gingrich “Discipline” Issue, and the Filter of the Main Stream Media

As I think any Republican who now is considering supporting Newt Gingrich a serious candidate for the Presidency would acknowledge, the primary concern is whether the Newt they are seeing is a more mature and disciplined leader emerging from a Churchillian exile to save the country, or is he the same Newt that challenged, yet […]

James Wilson to challenge Rep. Debbie Riddle

From the press release files: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 28, 2011 James Wilson, Phone 713-550-3482, jwilson150@gmail.com www.WilsonForTexas.com WILSON FIRST TO FILE FOR DISTRICT 150 – PROMISES “JOBS, RESULTS, INTEGRITY, NOW HOUSTON, TX – James Wilson, a local insurance agent and former Regional Director for US Senator Phil Gramm, made his campaign official today. Wilson was […]