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cornyn funded obamacare signDear David:

As the Senate primary heats up it’s all about getting one of the anti-establishment candidates into the runoff against John Cornyn. To do that we have to counter Cornyn’s massive money advantage and endless ad campaign with some grassroots action.

Whether you support Steve Stockman, Dwayne Stovall or Linda Vega, you can help get the truth out about John Cornyn’s vote to fund Obamacare and more big government by helping to distribute “Cornyn Funded Obamacare” signs in your area.

This campaign was the idea of grassroots activists in the Houston area and has spread state wide, with volunteers distributing signs in major urban areas, and distribution spreadoing out from there.

If you want to help, these are your contacts to get signs for your area:

Houston Area: Iris Gaddis – IrisGaddis@gmail.com, 832-620-9995

DFW Area: Tov Henderson – tov.henderson@gmail.com, 817-793-0387

Austin/SA Area: Dave Nalle – dave@rlctx.org, 512-656-8011

Help us hold Cornyn accoutable. Take one sign or distribute a bunch to your area. Just contact whoever is closest to you about picking some up.

Thank you for your support for liberty and for a better, more free Republican Party.

Looks like someone is tired of Big John’s election year conversions/pandering. Get a sign and send the big fella a message – Real Texans don’t give up their rights for a little bit of safety.

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  1. Leo Vasquez says

    In all sincerity, David, I respectfully ask how did he “fund Obamacare”? You have historically been very diligent in providing supporting explanations and/or links to backup your assertions or opinions, and I would ask you to please help your readers understand which funding vote did Senator Cornyn cast where he voted to fund Obamacare? // Thanks, -Leo

    • Charles Perrin says

      All I have seen are allegations. Mere allegations are not worth the big yellow and black sign they are printed on. Maybe the facts are in the mice type of the sign.

  2. Charles Perrin says

    I got close enough to a sign to see that there were things listed in the mice type, about five lines. Stockman makes similar claims on his site. Cornyn lists dozens of times he voted against Obamacare on his site. IMHO, anything from #SHADYSTOCKMAN is pretty shady. One candidate alleged to vote for Obamacare running against a candidate that was fined by the FEC for accepting illegal campaign contributions, arrested on a felony charge of controlled substance (Valium) possession, and who lied about having an NRA endorsement. I haven’t decided who I’ll vote for, but it won’t be #SHADYSTOCKMAN!

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