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Back when Dr. Steve Hotze released his slate of candidates under the banner of “Conservative Republicans of Texas”, I made note of it and commented on it. So it’s only fair that I do the same for the little fella that puts his out under the banner of “Link Letter“, Terry Lowry. Right? I mean, fair is fair.

First off, let’s just admit up front that no matter how short he is, he knows how to make money off of political candidates. Here is a table of the payments made to him in this election cycle, limited to candidates that have to report at the state level. There is more money than this in his pocket from federal and county candidates but we’ll save that for after election analysis.

[table id=28 /]

Whoa boy, I told you that little fella knows how to rack in the cash. The total of those payments is $450,250. Not bad for seven months. Remember, we still have a reporting period to go, plus add in those federal and county candidates and we might be talking serious money by the time this primary is over, no?

Mr. Lowry insists that he doesn’t sell his endorsements. And some people believe him. I mean, why else would Harris County Republican Party chair candidate Paul Simpson tell him that he was okay with his system and hand him Ed Emmett’s $10,000? I think Paul had to be under the influence at the time if he truly thought he was going to get Lowry’s endorsement but that’s just me.

The thing that stood out to me as I reviewed Lowry’s “endorsements” was the color of the candidates he “endorsed”. No, I didn’t say they were green, but you might get that picture from this chart:

Terry Lowry Endorsements and Payments
Terry Lowry Endorsements and Payments

Those are races in Harris County where at least one of the candidates is a minority. We’ve been pushing the party to allow minority candidates to participate for years but when they do, this is almost always what happens. Not just with Lowry, but with the voters. But since we’re talking about the little fella, let’s stick to that.

First off, notice that every single one of his “endorsees” paid him. Nothing illegal about that, he runs a private business and candidates can spend their money however they want. Did he “sell” his “endorsements”? No way to know – he says he didn’t so we have to take his word for it.

Second, notice that he didn’t “endorse” a single minority candidate. Are the white folks that much better? I know these candidates and I don’t think so. What then? Did the minority candidates refuse to pay? Well, no, both Melanie Flowers and Judge Meca Walker paid in the 247th race. Judge Walker has an exemplary record on the bench and is very accomplished in the legal arena, especially compared to Lowry’s “endorsee”, who is a good man but has very limited legal experience. So what could it be?

Mostly I’ll leave it to you to speculate but I will say that both Judge Walker and Flowers suffer from the same delusion as Paul Simpson. The idea that a guy that does this and this to extremely qualified applicants for precinct chair would endorse a single black woman with no children who admittedly voted for Barack Obama over a married white guy that has two children, and dopted a child has a story about an attempted adoption that will make any religious person cringe, and has made an issue of the Obama vote is ludicrous. It was never going to happen and was a waste of $12,100. The very competent judge showed very poor judgment in this case. As for Flowers, well, she’s been (gasp) divorced, contributed to Democrat Ron Reynolds, and voted for Barack Obama – trust me, none of her other accomplishments trumps those “errors”. Delusional.

When will Harris County Republican Party candidates learn? How many years do I have to keep pointing this out?

Terry Lowry has every right to run his business as he sees fit and can hate anyone different than himself all he wants but candidates have the right to just say no. And until they exercise that right and use their money to educate voters about the pay-to-play slates, we’re going to be stuck with this system.

And Harris County Republican Party voters better learn fast that we cannot keep a system in place that discourages minority candidates from participating in our party.

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  1. david says


    I normally agree with you but you are way, way off in regards to the 247th district court. I have practiced law there for years and fellow attorneys are absolutely terrified of the current judge. You know the person whose husband is the treasurer of the Walker campaign.

    If you want to support someone that dismisses cases for not taking a parenting course that’s your business.
    You can support a judge that will ruin people’s lives but I won’t.

    My experience in that court has always been bad and I’m not afraid to share my many stories.

    I like Flowers and Schmude. Both have the right temperament.

    I’ll happily vote for anyone that just got their law license over the current administration.

  2. Berna says

    Excellent thank you Anthony. we must be vigilant of those others creating their own “slates” and forcing others to vote their ways is still on a smaller scale but it still hurts Candidates and that offends me on what a democracy should be. You come into a “Straw Poll” is like a voting place…the line is drawn outside the doors persons coming in has the relaxness to visit and enjoy meeting all Candidates and then listen to them and the freedom of voting how they want. They can listen but not be force to follow anyone’s slate no matter how small or how beautiful it looks on a phamphlet . Not in my meetings. People need to go back and do their own researches and their is facebook and e-mails you with a slate can send it through…Harris County can put up their slates which they would not (I hope). But let Freedom of a person come and enjoy and engage in the manner like the real deal.

  3. Mainstream says

    News Flash. Harris County Republican Party Executive Committee overwhelmingly passed a resolution tonight that the Party “condemns the practice of “pay to play” endorsements” over the vocal objections and efforts to shut down the meeting by Mr. Lowry.

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