Harris County DA Race: Mike Anderson snatches hypocrisy crown back!

Heh, sometimes, you just gotta shake your head. No, really. I mean, Mike, I was KIDDING, okay! When I said that Gary Polland had snatched the hypocrisy crown from you, I didn’t mean it as a challenge to get it back! C’mon, dude, take a joke already. You win! There’s no way (at least I don’t think there is a way) that you can top your current mailer for sheer, unadulterated hypocrisy!

Why, asks the unsuspecting public? Well, forget everything else and think about this guy for a minute:

Someone's looking over Dr. Steven Hotze's Shoulder

That would be Steven Hotze, who has a PAC called Conservative Republicans of Harris County. You can view their campaign finance reports here if you want. On 2/29/12, Friends of Mike Anderson gave this PAC $15,000 but I’m sure that was not for this mailer, that was most like for “other stuff” – endorsements, advertising, whatever, I’m not sure. This mailer cost far more than $15k to put in my mailbox. But what does a mailer have to do with hypocrisy. Well, remember that fella’s mugshot above, okay? Now, take a look at the mailer – what is the subject?

Hotze Anderson DWI Mailer with Extras

Mmm, hmm, you got it. The good doctor is sending out a keg full of mailers telling us that Mike is the guy to fight DWI. Interesting, no? Yes, very. Especially since Mr. Hotze’s case went “poof” and disappeared without a trace. Well, except for a few news stories at the time, which had the mug shot. Such as this one from the Houston Press on 12/7/2000, which contains a very, very interesting detail:

Considering that Hotze was an early, ardent backer of District Attorney-elect Chuck Rosenthal, and Blakemore was the candidate’s consultant, the case should provide a good test of the impartiality of justice under the new order.

A good test of the impartiality of justice under the good ol’ boy, Chuck Rosenthal. Now that right there is funny no matter who you are! Let’s see, how did that justice work out?

Drunken driving charges against Republican political activist Steven Hotze have been dismissed….

Hotze refused to take a breath test to measure his blood-alcohol level….

most of the case against Hotze is based on testimony from Adams, the arresting officer

Turns out that the arresting officer was under indictment along with a wrecker driver for some paperwork and the state, under the guiding hand of Chuck Rosenthal, decided not to pursue charges because Hotze’s lawyer would attack the officer.

So who better to tell us that Mike is the go to guy for DWI prosecution, right?

Well, wrong. How about we go and ask a fella named Hugh Graham Foreman III, okay? You probably recognize the name because Mike Anderson says that he idolized Percy Foreman as a youngster. Turns out that the grand-nephew of Mr. Foreman has a problem that no one seems to want to address. Instead, they keep coddling this now 31 year old along. Connections? You tell me, I’m just showing you the record.

List of charges

Obviously, this young man has excellent counsel given the “punishment” list – one of his attorney’s was Paul Nugent and his current attorney is Mike Degeurin. These guys used to work together at Foreman, Degeurin, and Nugent, now it is just Foreman, Degeurin, and Degeurin. If you look at the domain name, you will see that it still says ForemanDegeurinNugent.com. The Foreman in both cases being the aforementioned Percy Foreman. Nothing wrong with having connected attorneys. And I don’t care about the attorneys, just putting them in for context.

The key is that case above, #1196351 that was dismissed and refiled as case # 1242980.

This is where former Judge Mike Anderson comes in.

Now, to get the full context of hypocrisy from Mike Anderson, you have to remember the mailer above (and who sent it) and his campaign rhetoric scoffing at “Patsy” for not throwing the book at DWI offenders like he would and how that could affect someone down the road. Mike Anderson, would, if elected, throw the book at DWI offenders because he is tough, by golly big jolly. He is tough!

Oh yeah? Take a look at this order from Judge Mike Anderson:

See that? Book? Hardly. What JUDGE MIKE ANDERSON did to this multiple DWI offender was to reduce the charges against him from a Felony to a Misdemeanor, sentence him to a year in the Harris County Jail, and the SUSPEND THE SENTENCE, LETTING THIS MULTIPLE DWI OFFENDER WALK OUT OF JAIL. He then violated his probation but because of Judge Anderson’s reduction of the charges, the only thing Judge Denise Bradley could do last week is sentence him to jail with credit for time served, 161 days, and now this man is free again.

Hypocrisy? Thy name is Mike Anderson. I crown the king:

Mike Anderson, King of Hypocrisy

Folks, there is no such thing as the “good old days” at the HCDAO. There is only the “good ol’ boys days” and lord help us all if the voters of Harris County can’t see through this bull crap.

Justice for the connected few, the rest of us imbeciles need not apply.

I’m voting for Pat Lykos and I urge you to do the same. Tell your family, friends, and neighbors – their lives may well depend on it.

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  1. says

    Not that you would ever let the facts get in your way or anything (over here where “the truth matters”), but you do realize that under the law, the Judge doesn’t have the power to make a reduction from a felony to a misdemeanor, right?

    Only the prosecutor can agree to make the reduction by abandoning one of the previous “enhancement paragraphs” that makes a DWI a felony. If the prosecutor does so, the judge can’t stop him from doing it.

    The decision to reduce it to a misdemeanor from a felony came straight from Pat Lykos’ District Attorney’s Office — as did the probation offer.

  2. conservative values count says


    Pre-Lykos, back in the day of Chuck Rosenthal and Mike Anderson the DAs office had the “Cool Kid ADAs” and the regular ADAs. There were some really great ADAs who acted with class and then there were the “Animal House” free for all’ers.

    Lykos may not be perfect but she doesn’t tolerate:

    -The legendary antics of Chuck Rosenthal, John Ray Harrison, Mike Anderson et al.

    -“Prosecutors Gone Wild” events which were not limited to out of town “training” seminars.

    -Nooners and buckets of cold beer traded out for “comp time”.

    So even if you don’t like Pat Lykos it does not negate nor otherwise excuse the frat boy cavalier behavior and hypocrisy that preceeded her administration.
    Mike Anderson may long for those days of drunken debauchery but this voter is offended and repulsed by the mere suggestion.

    I’m voting for Pat Lykos and will bus folks from Lakewood to make sure they all vote for Judge Pat next week!

  3. David Jennings says

    Murray, I’m glad you asked that. Well, you didn’t exactly ask, you merely decided that I was an imbecile and no one would know that you were wrong. But guess what I learned? Because of you and Judge Bill Harmon and my PIA about DIVERT?

    I know that a judge has complete authority to accept or reject a plea bargain. In other words, this is right at the feet of Judge Anderson and nothing you can say will take that away.

    From State vs Rochelle McNutt (remember that one?)

    Moreover, by long-standing authority, a trial judge is “free in every or any case to refuse to allow plea bargaining or to reject a particular plea bargain entered into by the State and defense.” Smith v. State, 243 S.W.3d 722, 726 (Tex. App. -Texa rkana 2007, no pet.) (quoting State ex reI. Bryan v. McDonald, 662 S.W.2d 5, 9 (Tex. Crim. App. 1983)). See also Morano v. State, 572 S.W.2d 550 (Tex. Crim. App. 1978); Cruz v. State, 530 S.W.2d 817, 819 (Tex. Crim. App. 1975); Davis v. State, 130 S.W.3d 519, 522 (Tex. App. -Da l l a s 2004, no pet.); Holland v. State, 112 S.W.3d 251,254 (Tex. App. -Aus t in 2003, no pet.).

    Anything else?

  4. trevor kemp says

    Wow. Well, I’m voting for Lykos now, I had been on the fence and was starting to lean that way, but this cinched it.

    Also, gotta support Paul Simpson for HCRP chair. Heard the incumbents radio ad….and not so much. Vote for Paul Simpson.

  5. says

    David, you are the one who keeps calling himself an imbecile. I’m merely just thinking it. Given your devotion to Lykos, I am clearly the imbecile who keeps arguing with you.

    You are only partially correct.

    Yes, the Judge would have to approve the probation. However, he cannot, of his own volition just say “I’m reducing this to a misdemeanor.” Conversely, if the State doesn’t offer proof on the enhancement paragraph, or in this instance, choose to abandon it, the Judge has NO CHOICE, but to go along with it. They have to prove it.

    So, the State abandons a paragraph and makes it a misdemeanor and then THEY offer probation and the Judge allows it. Somehow, you put the blame on Anderson for that. Do you have any idea about the facts of the case, by the way? Do you know why the prosecutors reduced it? Did they have issues proving it up? Do you know why they thought probation was appropriate? Sometimes that happens, you know.

    So, no, it isn’t right at the feet the of Judge Anderson on the reduction. If you consider him allowing probation to be “right at the feet”, then you are completely disregarding that it is the D.A.’s Office that dropped it on said feet.

    Once again, you have admitted that you aren’t a lawyer, but you speak as if you are when asserting these absolute true-isms that Lykos and her crew are feeding you. You are providing misleading information to your readers.

  6. David Jennings says

    Murray, you are flat out wrong and you know it. Remember, context is everything, which is why I put the context of this in the post.

    Anderson cannot go around telling people that he’s gonna throw the book at first time DWI’s when the plain fact of the matter, right in front of your nose, is that he put a 4/5/6 (take a number) DWI guy on the street. The only fact that matters is that HE PUT THE GUY ON THE STREET.

    Anything else is superfluous for the sake of this campaign. Add in having Hotze of all people mail it out and you get the crown!

    Hey, did you like the crown picture? I’ll let you use if free of charge if you did.

  7. Monica says

    When you go to law school, let us know. Then maybe your interpretation of the law will matter a little. Until then, stick to politics and quit posting crap straight from Lykos’ campaign while trying to be a political pundit. You’re being used as a tool, have bought right into it, sold a bill of goods from a group led by a woman who HAS NEVER PROSECUTED a case and couldn’t if she tried.

  8. TopGun says


    Your 5:53 PM retort to Murray’s 5:48 PM posting, “of the facts”, was a nice obfuscation…just like all democrats who cannot debate the “facts”.

    …because truth NEVER matters… here.

  9. Don Hooper says


    Are you saying the Bureau Chief, Division Chief, and court Chief are problematic?

    I don’t want to keep pestering you but can you post your wage and benefit package. I think it is only fair people know what they have bought into.

  10. says

    Hey there Don-O,

    How’s it going? Been enjoying your blog lately, but I think your booking photo is so much cuter than Hotze’s. Personal bias, I guess.

    My wage and benefits package is doing just fine. Are you looking for a job again?

    Not sure what you mean about the Bureau Chief, Division Chief and Court Chief being problematic, but didn’t you already announce that you were firing all of them anyway? What does it matter.

  11. Agnes says


    Thanks for the excellent information.


    You cannot cut the mustard. Throw in the towel, now!

  12. Juan says

    So, as the typical poll question goes, with which candidate (or pundit) mentioned here, would you rather have a beer?

  13. Don Hooper says


    My hand is really sore from slapping you around. You are even more stupid if you think you can antagonize me. I will ask Judge Lykos if your new wife can have your balls back.

    It is almost time to bayonet the wounded on the battlefield.

    Dude your are F#ked

  14. Ed Hubbard says

    I have not taken sides in this race, because I know and respect both candidates. However, I find one aspect of David’s post very interesting. In the Chronicle article about the dismissal of the DWI charges against Dr. Hotze, the prosecutor says that the case could be refiled if the unrelated charges against the arresting officer were dropped or he defeated them. Well, less than five months later, Judge (now Congressman) Ted Poe dismissed the charges against the officer because of irregularities in the way the case was presented to the grand jury–but the case against Dr. Hotze appears to have never been re-filed. Interesting. http://www.chron.com/default/article/Case-dismissed-against-officer-wrecker-driver-1994774.php

  15. Ed Hubbard says

    One more observation about the prior charge against Dr. Hotze–

    The State had more than one witnesses who saw him drinking at the event, and that he stayed there past 11:30 p.m.; there was at least one police officer who saw Dr. Hotze driving eradically, and who was forced off the road by him; and you had the field sobriety test. Even if the credibility of the officer who administered the sobriety test could have still been questioned because of the unrelated charge that had been dismissed, the State appears to have had some pretty good circumstantial and coorborative evidence to support re-filing and re-but the credibility attack against Officer Adams in this case.

    Again, I find these series of events raise a number of legitimate and serious questions about how this case was handled more than 11 years ago.

  16. TopGun says


    Do you really expect people to believe you have not “taken sides in this race” when you jump in here to take the heat off David’s blatant false accusations against Mike Anderson, with this Hotze case, after Murray pointed out the specific law, and showed David to be 100% wrong? This article is 100% inaccurate, incorrect, and is nothing but a straw man argument. This is the type of filth the Chronicle prints.

    You make two back to back posts discussing Hotze in the hope your points will help smear Mike Anderson through association in this straw man argument, being you never specifically pointed out it is the state, the DA’s office, who would have to re-file charges, and not Judge Mike Anderson. How convenient for you to help continue the false narrative.

    David always talks about how when he is shown to be wrong, he admits guilt and makes the correction. I guess when you are shilling for an incompetent DA like Lykos, he lets it slide, because truth NEVER matters around here.

    It is more than obvious you “have” taken a side or you would not have contributed to this smear job on Mike Anderson without pointing out the blatant false inaccuracies with the above mentioned truths.

    It says a lot that you would help smear someone with a straw man argument to help a DA who refuses to follow the written law, especially given the fact you are a sworn officer of the court.

  17. Ed Hubbard says

    TopGun, I understand that nerves are raw at this point in the DA campaign with a little more than a week left, and, by the tone of your comment, there is probably nothing I can write to convince you that I still am not taking a public position on this race. I respect both Mike Anderson and Judge Lykos, and believe that either would make a good DA—just very different ones.

    But, as I have tried to shine a light on the influence third parties like Lowry, Polland and Hotze have had on our primaries, I think it is fair to look at Dr. Hotze’s prior conduct and treatment when he faced his own DWI charge in light of the influence he has tried to wield in this specific race and the candidates’ debate over DWI prosecutions. I am not unaware that my focus on this aspect of David’s story might negatively impact the candidate Dr. Hotze is supporting, but I think for the long-term health of our party primaries we need to look at this matter more closely.

    I am sorry if my observations and questions related Dr. Hotze’s case upsets you or may negatively impact a candidate whom I personally like and respect, but I would not be true to what I am trying to accomplish within the party if I didn’t ask these questions.

  18. Sophia Laner says

    No question in my mind, Judge Anderson is a gift to the Citizens of Harris County. There are too many red flags Lykos. I wonder why the attack on a Judge very well respected falls only days before the election. It’s wrong.

  19. Sophia Laner says

    Question? What is more serious to you? Possible (not sure I attribute all that Judge Anderson, DA has quite bit authority). 1. This accusation really not proven or 2. Pat Lykos insulating school boards, government officials entrusted (ideally to serve us) and corrupt lawyers from felonies against disabled children? Read all about Alief malicious lawsuit to bankrupt Chiboguowu family (they have) and punish for hundreds of thousands just for asking for help Alief didn’t want to give? Senator Dan Patrick has condemned this as hateful, tragic. Lykos? Protected a slew felons

  20. TopGun says


    My sources tell me you posted this article on your facebook page. For you to take that step without addressing the lies in this article, mentioned above by Murray and pointed out again by me, after you have posted three times to it now while knowing people would vote based on these lies is proof you do not value honesty in journalism.

    Let me get this straight. You want to clean up the party from third party influences, but you won’t clean up the party by refuting lies in the very article you are using to point out one of the third parties? If that is not the epitome of hypocrisy, I do not know what is. Hurry up and change the slogan on this blog to “because truth NEVER matters” or better yet, make it “because hypocrisy matters”.

    Maybe the party would be better cleaned up if you and David take your actions and vote to the Democrat Party being they seem to follow almost exactly their actions of fomenting hypocrisy. Oh wait, David already votes for state-wide Democrat candidates like Jeff Weems. Nevermind. You guys are already there.

  21. Jed says


    You note that Pat Lykos has never prosecuted a case. If I accept the truth of that, would you also accept the truth that Mike Anderson has never run the Harris County District Attorney’s Office? In other words, Lykos has experience doing exactly the job she is running for; Anderson has none.

  22. conservative values count says

    Top Gun,

    Your pseudonymity personifies hypocrisy: a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; especially : the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion.

    Mike Anderson choosing to align himself with Dr. Steve Hotze in their collective condemnation of DIVERT while claiming to be tough on DWIs is the height of hypocrisy.

    The Blakemore-Hotze misleading mailer also implied that DA Lykos was responsible for the increase in DWI deaths because of DIVERT. Are the DIVERT graduates realing killing people on the roads at an alarming rate?

    Should not the rules of truth and impartiality be applied equaly to all the players?

    I suggest that you analyze the pro Anderson blogs and then get back with us on how much truth matters and who is the most objective.

    Hate and self interest often cloud one’s judgment thereby limiting the ability to fully appreciate both sides of an issue in a fair and balanced manner.

    Your frustration and bias has trumped your objectivity. You remind me of the Cuban who hated Batiste so badly he ignored the trappings of Fidel.

  23. Matthew Dexter says


    You and I have bantered back and forth on twitter in the recent past and I respected your insight into the political scene here in Harris County. It was a useful tool to gain some otherwise unusual information about certain candidates and the state of the party. However, the recent attacks, mud slinging and negativity of the D.A. race has really soured my opinion of where it is you are coming from and what your goal is. I am not alone in this thought and if you consider “Any Publicity” as “Good Publicity”, then I guess you have accomplished your goal.

    I cannot understand why you would let your emotions get the best of you and not allow Mr. Anderson and Mrs. Lykos run on their own merits, accomplishments and have the voters be the true voice in this race. When you get baited into arguments by either side, you lose sight of the big picture. Remember…. Neither Don Hooper, You nor Murray Newman are running for DA. So, why the continuous attacks on each other?

    I really think that this is what is terribly wrong with our party in Harris County. All the in-fighting and sideline attacks have turned many voters away and pushed them from even wanting to get involved in this awful mess. I would encourage you to use your pwers for good and remain a neutral voice for the republican party. You are much more effective that way. I really think you have lost a lot of credibility by getting so dirty with the DA race. I can understand the need to defend yourself and your reputation, but it has a terrible tendency to get out of hand and become the monster it need not be. Additioanlly, it damages your reputation among the voting public you hope to influence or inform.

    Might I suggest a page from Judge Emmett’s playbook. He has never once run a negative campaign. made a “gotchya” attack or gons negative. That being said, he is still the highest vote-getting elected official in Harris County history. It pays to stay above the fray! I only wish more people would run campaigns like he does. Like him or not, you have to respect the way he plays the game.

    Just a few thoughts from a voter, concerned citizen and a blog watcher.

    • David Jennings says


      I always hate to lose a follower but it happens. I’ve been doing this a long time and I still haven’t figured it out. Always willing to accept advice.

      Tell me, how do I tell you and others that Mike Anderson is a hypocrite without you thinking that I have been “baited” into the argument? How do I tell people that Ted Cruz is a mirage and fake without you thinking I have become emotionally involved and cannot be objective?

      I haven’t figured it out.

      Ed is contemplating a run for statewide office. Get back to me when that happens and we’ll study his campaign together.

      Like I said, advice welcome.

  24. Martha Johnson says

    if this is the same Matt Dexter from HPD that ran in the vice squad before Bill White declared we had no gangs and no sex trafficking problems, I highly value his opinion.

    He is a true boots on the ground guy and has real insight on what is going right and wrong with the current DA from the viewpoint of an officer constantly in harms way dealing with the worst of Harris County…

  25. conservative values count says

    Mr. Matthew Dexter, Sir:

    In David’s defense and as a lifelong Republican and avid Republican primary voter I receive volumes of political mailers.
    Yesterday I received a mailer from the DA Pat Lykos campaign with smiling photos of County Judge Ed Emmett and former County Judge Bob Eckels supporting her with their positive comments. The backside of the mailer listed a bunch of re- elect DA Pat Lykos supporters. Very positive bright piece with no negativity.

    I also received a very negative Mike Anderson political mailer from the Hotze organization with a grainy photo of a dirty hand grasping drug paraphernalia and indside the piece were alarming statistics on how virtually every type of crime had greatly increased in Harris County over the past 3 years implying that Lykos was directly responsible.
    My question is how can that nexus be supported without verifiable source(s) cited to explain away the overwhelming stats from FBI to state agencies that blatantly contradict those allegations and actually show that crime is way down in Harris County in all areas Anderson cited except for Juvenile assaults?
    Anderson also points out how Lykos has been investigated by numerous Grand Juries and the Texas Rangers (not baseball scouts) further impling that if one is merely investigated he or she must be guilty. Anderson failed to reveal that none of these investigations revealed any wrong doing and were in realty unfounded witch hunts.

    I for one do not want a liar or witch hunter as my elected DA and applaud DA Lykos for being positive in the homestretch. Anderson and Blakemore have reduced their campaign to an innuendo mud slinging mob which I find revealing on how Anderson would run a DA’s office if elected.

  26. Matthew Dexter says

    I too receive volumes of that propganda and before I take an ounce of it as gospel, I do my homework, my research and let my voice be heard inside the voting booth. Perhaps I am an exception rather than the rule and not someone that they should be wasting postage on, but I completely understand the frustration the voters have with the state of our elections (Local, State and Federal). It is no better than shock TV / Radio and “gotchya” style journalism. It is similar to a childish insult game wherein one child tries to upstage the other in insults, all the while looking for that one chance to bury the other in shame. Additionally, It is no secret that the “pay to play” system is alive & well in Harris County politics. I liken it to a “contact sport” and it is Shameful! However, the problem is systemic and larger than anyone person. Engaging in dialogue is, in my opinion, the most effective way to address the issue.

    I don’t think that name calling is very productive and I do appreciate you and Mr. Jenning’s opinions on matters you are so passionate about. I have the same respect for Mr. Newman and his opinions and firmly believe that blogs like theirs get people involved. That is a good thing. The point I was trying to make is that the absurd level of negativity has overshadowed the beauty of the election process and it amazes me that anyone in their right mind would jump into the ring the way that we as a party handle our business and treat each other. We are eating our own while others sit back and enjoy the show… making headway with little to no effort.

    It is no secert that I do support Mr. Anderson and his efforts to become the next DA. However, I refuse to stoop to the level of calling Mrs. Lykos names. Nor will I resort to calling Mr. Newman or Mr. Hooper names. I think that is best left to the anonymous bloggers who profess to know them all too well.

    …and thank you for the kind words, Mrs. Johnson.

  27. Jamiejameson says

    Well, Mr Jennings, five days after this last post the 63% drubbing of Lykos is in. How does all that crap you were spouting taste now?

    • David Jennings says

      Hmm. Looks like you are about 60 days late with that insult. Timeliness is everything when insulting someone.

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