Dewhurst to apologize to charity but continue aggressive contrast advertising

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst at the RRRW forum 9-16-13.
Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst at the RRRW forum 9-16-13.

I like Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst for his successful leadership of the Texas economy and for his willingness to admit mistakes, take responsibility for them, and continue to move forward. An example of that occurred today.

One of Sen.Dan Patrick’s staffers, Elliot Griffin, included me in a Tweet today about a Dewhurst campaign ad that was completely outrageous. Here is the Tweet:

This is where Dewhurst is at in this race:

If you click those links, you’ll find a statement from Dan regarding the Dewhurst campaign’s use of a photo of a shirtless Dan Patrick in a demeaning way.

The problem is that the photo was taken from a fundraising event for one of the organizations that Patrick has supported for many years, the Be an Angel foundation. Dan has raised millions of dollars for the foundation, which was created to provide benefits to extremely handicapped children at T.H. Rogers school for the handicapped in Houston and has, with Dan’s help, expanded throughout Texas. It is an awesome charity. In the photo, Dan literally “sold the shirt off his back” for $1,500 to Glenda Kubosh, wife of Houston City Councilman Michael Kubosh. Anyone in Harris County knows that the Kubosh brothers are major donors to both the Republican party, Republican candidates, and many charitable causes.

I was so upset by the use of this photo to attack Dan that I reached out to David and let him know. I’ve supported David through thick and thin and think that no one is better qualified to be Lt. Gov. of Texas.

David agreed with my condemnation of the ad and told me that he was ordering his staff to remove the photos from the ad and that he would personally issue an apology to the Be an Angel foundation. He told me that before the ad aired, he asked his staff multiple times to make certain that the photo was not from a charitable event and they assured him that it wasn’t. However, he understands that the buck stops at his desk and he took full responsibility for the use of the photo.

That is what I expected of David and that is what he delivered. No passing the buck, no ducking the issue, simply doing the right thing.

And that is why I hope that the voters in the Republican primary return David to the Lt. Gov. position. We need strong leadership if we are going to continue to thrive as a state. David’s record of leadership is simply unmatched if you take the time to look at his accomplishments objectively. We need his leadership and we need someone in the position of Lt. Gov. that isn’t afraid to say that the buck stops here. Nor is he afraid to continue the aggressive contrast ads that he has been airing to educate voters on the differences between he and Dan.

I encourage all voters in the Republican primary to compare the record of Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst with that of Sen. Dan Patrick. This mistake notwithstanding, if you do that, I know that you will join me in voting to re-elect David as Lt. Gov. and keep Texas the number one economy in the U.S.A.

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  1. says

    So you fell for it and thought the ad was about a photo? The ad was about Dan Patrick’s horrible record. Period. DP’s campaign try to use a photo as a distraction, that is it. This faux outrage and the pious people try to act like David Dewhurst is “less a Christian (on FB)…” because of a photo (again that the ad was NOT about).
    I’ve been struggling with my faith for years and for people like Dan Patrick to continue to be successful at conning people into thinking he’s a victim and above the fray, makes me further and further believe that maybe my faith isn’t real. If DP’s deception works and THE good, best man loses, that’s it! I’m done. I will NOT support a GOP race, nor a faith (two separate things bridged by one con man), if Dan Patrick is part of it. I will not. David Dewhurst is the best and I will only support him. This faux outrage will not prove that he isn’t the best man, the only man, that can keep Texas on the right path.

    • David Jennings says

      Stephanie the Texan,

      I didn’t “fall” for anything. David used the photo inappropriately, period. And he told me that he was going to make it right.

      I’m sorry that you blame Dan or others for your struggles with faith. I have my own struggles and completely understand. You and I would probably get along very well in a discussion about faith and the message that Dan and others put forth. But I understand that Dan is just like you and me, no better or worse, just people trying to make it through life trying to understand an awesome God at the same time we see injustice and trial in the world.

      If we ever have a chance to meet, perhaps we can share stories of our struggles. Until then, I hope and pray that your struggles will become easier and that our understanding of faith shall become stronger.


  2. Steve S says

    I too respected David Dewhurst as a stong lt governor. Only in his despicable campaign against Ted Cruz did I realize his other side. His stories about a strong posture on immigration and other issues in which he had colluded with Joe Strauss in order to undermine, his stretching the truth about his fathers military record even after he had been warned and his generally dirty campaign tactics undermined for me the positives that I had perceived in the past. With all the mud Patrick and Dewhurst have been slinging at each other, I am almost ready to say a pox on both your houses, except that any democrat would be worse. At this point I believe that it’s more likely that Patrick’s constituents can hold his feet to the fire, than it is to believe that Dewhurst will do anything other than what his cronies want, so Dan wins my vote. Both men should learn from the experience.

  3. charles pennington says

    why are so many “republicans” afraid that DP will win this race? it’s time for a change in leadership Texas. get behind dan and let’s see what he can do.

    • Ross says

      “See what he can do”? You mean bring his special version of hatred and bigotry to a wider audience and motivate more folks like me to quit voting for republicans?

      • charles pennington says

        give me an example of his special version of hatred and bigotry. you can’t do it…

    • says

      Well I can’t speak for other “republicans”, but this Republican doesn’t believe that an arrogant, self-promoting, self-aggrandizing, self-righteous lying blowhard like Dan. Patrick deserves to be promoted to statewide office. If he’s the nominee, his scorched-earth, fear mongering, demagogic rhetoric about “invasion” and infectious diseases will be a drag on the GOP — one that could negatively impact important down-ballot races.

      “Let’s see what he can do”? We’ve seen what he’s done in the Senate: showboat and divide. Meanwhile, we KNOW what Dewhurst can do: lead effectively.

  4. Steve S says

    Watching the Debate last night, I heard both candidates mouthing Tea Party positions despite the efforts of the media/interrogators’ efforts to elicit any left=leaning comment. Dewhurst spent much of his effort to accuse Patrick of being untrustworthy. However, the record of both candidates show that it is more likely that Dan Patrick will stick with his principles while in office.

  5. Warren Fawcett says

    It is Sunday, May 5, 5:21 p.m. The Dewhurst ad with the shirtless Dan Patrick just ran again. So much for the promise to have it removed.

    • David Jennings says

      Disappointing. All I can tell you is that David told me that he was pulling the picture and would apologize to the charity.


  6. Warren Fawcett says

    At 6:09 pm Monday on Channel 11, the “shirtless” ad ran yet again. It appears that DD was just blowing smoke.

    • Warren Fawcett says

      No, I’m not surprised. I was just trying to take the high road. For what it’s worth, the “shirtless” ad ran again at 6:42 pm today on Channel 11.

  7. Warren Fawcett says

    As of Friday, May 9, the “shirtless” ad was still running. I have read reports in which DD indicated that he will NOT change it.

  8. Warren Fawcett says

    UPDATE: Sunday morning, May 11: The “shirtless” ad just ran again at 7:29 am on Channel 13 in Houston. Despicable.

  9. loren smith says

    Can you imagine the fun that the LVP community are having watching Repubs ripping each others throats out? More fun for them if DP wins the runoff.

    • VERY concerned says

      I feel like all candidates from both major parties suck. We are officially f*****. I do not see great leadership from ANY politican- red, blue or otherwise.

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