Open records request reveals Lamar CISD concerns with apartment complexes

An open records request revealed the Lamar CISD’s Superintendent concerns with a Texas program to finance proposed multi-family residential developments using tax exempt bonds. In his February 5, 2014 letter to the Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs, Lamar CISD’s Superintendent Thomas Randle expressed three major concerns with funding proposed rental housing applications, one […]

Fort Bend “Excellence in Education for Everyone Committee” signs purchased from not-so-excellent former District 132 candidates’ store?

Did the “Excellence in Education for Everyone” committee really purchase their Vote YES for Fort Bend ISD Proposition 1 bond signs from the Dude.   Here’s a close-up of the logo from the lower right corner of the sign: According to Texas Secretary of State filings, the entity “Texas GOP Store Inc.” is […]

I won’t publicize a YES vote of TxDOT Prop 1 on my campaign website, but I will tell you through email…

Someone in Fort Bend County has the same virus that’s infected the campaigns of Kentucky and Georgia Democrats. C’mon—you know. It’s the affliction of “no, I won’t publicly disclose who I voted for in the last two Presidential elections and I’ll find any way to avoid answering that question, but privately –well that’s another story.” […]

Houston Community College mulls relocation of Missouri City campus

Houston Community College Trustees were presented with a recommendation by Chancellor Maldonado authorizing him to enter into discussions for a potential relocation of the HCC campus in Missouri City. The September 18th HCC meeting agenda packet also included a recommendation to authorize the Chancellor to execute Letters of Intent and/or Memorandums of Understanding with interested […]

Inside the Chronicle’s endorsement of a 2013 worst legislator

Following the recent Houston Chronicle endorsement in the Texas District 27 race of one of Texas Monthly’s worst legislators of 2013, a source with intimate knowledge of the joint David Hamilton – Ron Reynolds appearance before the Chronicle Editorial Board gives us a glimpse inside the “side-by-side” style debate. Incumbent Reynolds and challenger Hamilton were […]

Video: Gutierrez tells MABAH “if they choose to pick food here we should reward them so they can join a union”

Illinois Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez gave the keynote address to members of the Mexican American Bar Association of Houston & attendees of their Sponsorship Gala this past Thursday. He knew MABAH encourages its members to participate in pro-bono legal services and to promote a better understanding of the legal profession to the Hispanic community and […]

Rep. Jason Villalba at the Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club

Dallas area State Rep. Jason Villalba was the featured speaker at this week’s Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club meeting. It is unusual for a freshman state representative from another area of the state to speak to a Houston Republican club. Clearly, he is setting the stage for a later run for higher profile office. After meeting […]

Fort Bend Conservative-losing $25k per month on the golf courses is a “bargain” and you’re a racist for mentioning it

The full year 2015 budget for the Missouri City Recreation and Leisure Local Government Corporation projects a net income (loss) of -$411,864 for full year 2014 and one Missouri City resident thinks the loss is a “bargain” for two 18-hole golf courses & the City Centre subsidized by Missouri City taxpayers. From the LGC Summary […]

“Where is our residence?”—the Harris County Democratic Party edition

Do you know us? Will Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan file a lawsuit against us? Will Texas Attorney General Greg Abbotts’ office prosecute us for knowingly voting where we don’t reside? We’re the supporters of a Democrat who currently holds elected office in Harris County. Several of us provided the same Pasadena, Texas address to […]

Open records requests seeks info on Fort Bend ISD bond advertisement

File this under “it’s political advertising—oh wait! Maybe it’s not.” On September 3rd the Sugar Land / Missouri City section of Community Impact News published a story describing the $494 million bond package and its four components; construction, transportation, safety & security and transportation. Fascinated by the absence of a visible citation crediting the source […]