Fort Bend “Excellence in Education for Everyone Committee” signs purchased from not-so-excellent former District 132 candidates’ store?

Did the “Excellence in Education for Everyone” committee really purchase their Vote YES for Fort Bend ISD Proposition 1 bond signs from the Dude.   Here’s a close-up of the logo from the lower right corner of the sign: According to Texas Secretary of State filings, the entity “Texas GOP Store Inc.” is […]

I won’t publicize a YES vote of TxDOT Prop 1 on my campaign website, but I will tell you through email…

Someone in Fort Bend County has the same virus that’s infected the campaigns of Kentucky and Georgia Democrats. C’mon—you know. It’s the affliction of “no, I won’t publicly disclose who I voted for in the last two Presidential elections and I’ll find any way to avoid answering that question, but privately –well that’s another story.” […]

Houston Community College mulls relocation of Missouri City campus

Houston Community College Trustees were presented with a recommendation by Chancellor Maldonado authorizing him to enter into discussions for a potential relocation of the HCC campus in Missouri City. The September 18th HCC meeting agenda packet also included a recommendation to authorize the Chancellor to execute Letters of Intent and/or Memorandums of Understanding with interested […]

Inside the Chronicle’s endorsement of a 2013 worst legislator

Following the recent Houston Chronicle endorsement in the Texas District 27 race of one of Texas Monthly’s worst legislators of 2013, a source with intimate knowledge of the joint David Hamilton – Ron Reynolds appearance before the Chronicle Editorial Board gives us a glimpse inside the “side-by-side” style debate. Incumbent Reynolds and challenger Hamilton were […]

Video: Gutierrez tells MABAH “if they choose to pick food here we should reward them so they can join a union”

Illinois Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez gave the keynote address to members of the Mexican American Bar Association of Houston & attendees of their Sponsorship Gala this past Thursday. He knew MABAH encourages its members to participate in pro-bono legal services and to promote a better understanding of the legal profession to the Hispanic community and […]

Rep. Jason Villalba at the Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club

Dallas area State Rep. Jason Villalba was the featured speaker at this week’s Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club meeting. It is unusual for a freshman state representative from another area of the state to speak to a Houston Republican club. Clearly, he is setting the stage for a later run for higher profile office. After meeting […]

Fort Bend Conservative-losing $25k per month on the golf courses is a “bargain” and you’re a racist for mentioning it

The full year 2015 budget for the Missouri City Recreation and Leisure Local Government Corporation projects a net income (loss) of -$411,864 for full year 2014 and one Missouri City resident thinks the loss is a “bargain” for two 18-hole golf courses & the City Centre subsidized by Missouri City taxpayers. From the LGC Summary […]

“Where is our residence?”—the Harris County Democratic Party edition

Do you know us? Will Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan file a lawsuit against us? Will Texas Attorney General Greg Abbotts’ office prosecute us for knowingly voting where we don’t reside? We’re the supporters of a Democrat who currently holds elected office in Harris County. Several of us provided the same Pasadena, Texas address to […]

Open records requests seeks info on Fort Bend ISD bond advertisement

File this under “it’s political advertising—oh wait! Maybe it’s not.” On September 3rd the Sugar Land / Missouri City section of Community Impact News published a story describing the $494 million bond package and its four components; construction, transportation, safety & security and transportation. Fascinated by the absence of a visible citation crediting the source […]

Will Texas nepotism law impact Lone Star College System trustee race?

The Harris County GOP and Yellow Rose of Texas Republican Women 2014 Election Candidate Forum takes place this Tuesday evening-will the Texas nepotism law be a topic of debate among the Lone Star College System Trustee candidates scheduled to speak? Texas Attorney General Opinion GA 0415 dated March 15, 2006 explored: “Whether the nepotism statute […]