Open records requests seeks info on Fort Bend ISD bond advertisement

File this under “it’s political advertising—oh wait! Maybe it’s not.” On September 3rd the Sugar Land / Missouri City section of Community Impact News published a story describing the $494 million bond package and its four components; construction, transportation, safety & security and transportation. Fascinated by the absence of a visible citation crediting the source […]

Will Texas nepotism law impact Lone Star College System trustee race?

The Harris County GOP and Yellow Rose of Texas Republican Women 2014 Election Candidate Forum takes place this Tuesday evening-will the Texas nepotism law be a topic of debate among the Lone Star College System Trustee candidates scheduled to speak? Texas Attorney General Opinion GA 0415 dated March 15, 2006 explored: “Whether the nepotism statute […]

Texas Republicans Deserve Competent, Ethical Leaders

Observers of State Republican politics will recall a time period not too long ago when the Republican Party of Texas was plagued with a crippling debt, crony contracts, and wasteful spending. Widespread grassroots disdain with the operations of the state Party resulted in the election of Steve Munisteri as State Chairman in 2010. Under Chairman […]

Fort Bend Tyrant of the Month-Missouri City creates new category of criminal

Businesses in Missouri City, Texas using signs that “flutter”, “swing”, or “undulate” will run afoul of a new Missouri City ordinance prohibiting the use of signs that move or simulate movement. The new ordinance also creates a new class of criminal in Missouri City and imposes a fine of up to $500 per day. From […]

Sharyl Attkisson asks “where are the unaccompanied alien children?”

With the one-year anniversary of Houston Mayor Annise Parkers’ “Shine a Light on Human Trafficking” campaign approaching, how ironic is it that former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson asked a very timely and logical question- “where are the unaccompanied alien children?” From Hot Air: If CBS thought that Sharyl Attkisson was a thorn in their […]

Perry grand jury not the problem

It isn’t often that I agree with Houston Chronicle columnist Lisa Falkenberg but her column on the Perry grand jury that indicted the Texas governor is spot-on. In Harris County and other Texas jurisdictions where judges use the “pick-a-pal” system to empanel grand jurors, bias and corruption are natural byproducts. The judge picks a pal, called […]

Up Close and Personal: A Return to Outcry in the Barrio

After a visit to Outcry in the Barrio in April, a return visit has increased the understanding of what this ministry is doing. By Steve Parkhurst It is summer time in San Antonio. Mid-July, the 15th to be exact. The temperature approaches 100 degrees. It is a Texas summer day to be sure.Pastor Roman Herrera, […]

Fort Bend ISD approves construction of new elementary school, questions emerge

During a series of public comment and Board of Trustee meetings, parents, employees and taxpayers of the Fort Bend Independent School District were presented with the plan for a proposed bond package on the November 2014 ballot. The presentation included a plan to construct ES 46 in Aliana, a facility needed to address overcrowding at Oakland […]

Texans Support Marriage ‘Social Media Storm’

From Jonathan Saenz and Texas Values: Tuesday, August 5: 10-2:00 PM  Today, a diverse group of state leaders and groups are holding a press conference to show their support for Texas’ effort to defend our marriage laws defining marriage as between one man and one woman. Many of these groups have filed legal briefs with […]