Amnesty supporter- “we’re not goin’ nowhere!”—until HPD arrives

This amnesty supporter did not believe in the law-abiding civil society for reasons he was unable to articulately communicate—that is, of course, until HPD arrived on the scene. Perhaps actions sometimes speak louder than words. Watch the amnesty supporter dressed in the black t-shirt and khaki shorts scream: “we’re not goin’ no where! —we’re gonna […]

Jury Service Awareness Month

From the InBox: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 7, 2014 Contact: Jennifer Harris Phone: (512) 773-7168 NEW STUDY FINDS LOW RATES OF JURY SERVICE PARTICIPATION A WIDESPREAD PROBLEM IN TEXAS Governor Rick Perry Proclaims July “Juror Appreciation Month,” Urges Texans to Respond to Call for Jury Service AUSTIN, TEXAS—According to a recent study, Texans called to serve […]

Assistant AG Glicker: a hotel is not a residence

After a Montgomery County jury convicted Jim Jenkins of “knowingly” voting in the May 2010 Woodlands Road Utility District election, Assistant Attorney General David Glicker tweeted “a hotel is not a residence”: Remember when George H.W. Bush rented a suite at the Houstonian, a hotel that served as their official Texas residence? A 1992 CNN […]

Scandal-ridden Dems part of Texas AG’s human trafficking task force

Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg and Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed joined Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s inaugural Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force meeting in January 2010. According to a January 2010 press release on the Texas Attorney General website, legislation sponsored by State Senator Leticia Van de Putte and then State Representative […]

Big government Dan Patrick

Those of us that have known Sen. Dan Patrick for a long time know that he is not a small government conservative. Quite the contrary, Sen. Patrick is a reactionary big government believer. Today’s press release is another reminder of that. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Allen Blakemore Tuesday, June 17, 14 713-526-3399 Patrick Statement on […]

Compelling Causes Await The Republican Party

By Chris Carmona Each generation faces the same choices, hope or despair.A conservative movement based on the values and ideals of the Constitution is what allows and encourages each generation the opportunity to embrace the possibilities that are derived from the concept of hope. Recently the Republican Party of Texas passed a platform that, in […]

Compromising Positions: Texas GOP and Tea Parties Find Their Fortunes Reversed in Ft. Worth

A funny thing happened at the 2014 Republican Party of Texas (RPT) convention last weekend. The grassroots tea parties and the Republican establishment were forced to compromise on an immigration plank in the Republican Party of Texas Platform. And the Republican elites are wailing and gnashing their teeth! You see, “compromise” is what’s supposed to […]