Time to check your property tax appraisals

One of the most important things that a homeowner must do every year is to check the appraisal value that your local appraisal board has assigned to your property. This year it is especially critical because the appraisal boards know that the economy is relatively strong and in their eyes, that means automatic property appraisal […]

Ron Reynolds whines: publicizing the lawsuits & cases against me is “rude” and “immature”

Democ-RAT Texas State Representative Ron Reynolds, the disgrace of Sienna Plantation and Missouri City, is in hot water again. He faces disciplinary action by a committee of the State Bar of Texas relating to his solicitation of clients in violation of six Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct. Additionally, Reynolds faces a charge of breach […]

Chris Carmona’s Campaign Kick-Off

By Vladimir Davidiuk A campaign to retake Texas House District 148 began Wednesday, March 12, in a quiet, unassuming restaurant on Houston’s north side. With the huge sign out front announcing the campaign kick-off reception, Chris Carmona’s effort to wrest the district from decades of neglect was formally launched. The largest private event room at […]

Sen. Dan Patrick well positioned to win Lt. Governor race

Sen. Dan Patrick’s general consultant, Allen Blakemore held a tele-conference this afternoon to discuss their victory Tuesday and the upcoming runoff. I had to laugh when Blakemore talked about Patrick winning the areas with people, eventually saying that David Dewhurst is liked by cattle and farm animals while Dan Patrick is liked by people. Ouch. You can listen […]

HD-132 Update, George Scott’s recommendation

As you know by now, I’ve been letting George Scott over at George Scott Reports do the heavy lifting in the race to replace retiring Rep. Bill Callegari in House District 132. And if you check the 2014 Harris County Republican Party Endorsement Matrix, you’ll see that he has made his recommendation in the race. […]

Why I am voting for Paul Simpson and Nathan Hecht

For almost four years now, I have posted periodic columns on this website.  Followers of Big Jolly Politics should know by now that David and I agree on many things, but we often disagree, too.  Remember that old Reagan line about someone who I agree with 80% of the time is my friend—well that applies […]

2014 Primary: Texas Supreme Court Races

Continuing a look at the 2014 Republican Primary in Texas, I take a look at the three contested Supreme Court races on the ballot. Much has been written about “Democrat trial lawyers” influencing the races but there is more to that story than meets the eye or the rhetoric. Mark Lanier is no Democrat and […]