Amnesty supporter- “we’re not goin’ nowhere!”—until HPD arrives

This amnesty supporter did not believe in the law-abiding civil society for reasons he was unable to articulately communicate—that is, of course, until HPD arrived on the scene. Perhaps actions sometimes speak louder than words. Watch the amnesty supporter dressed in the black t-shirt and khaki shorts scream: “we’re not goin’ no where! —we’re gonna […]

Hyatt Regency Houston: zero tolerance for law-abiding, licensed concealed handgun holders

Looking for a hotel room in Downtown Houston? I was. My choices were narrowed down to three and after reading the firearms policy of the Hyatt Regency Houston I’ve made my decision. If you are a law-abiding Texan holding a concealed handgun license, the firearms policy of the Hyatt Regency in Houston states guests or […]

Compelling Causes Await The Republican Party

By Chris Carmona Each generation faces the same choices, hope or despair.A conservative movement based on the values and ideals of the Constitution is what allows and encourages each generation the opportunity to embrace the possibilities that are derived from the concept of hope. Recently the Republican Party of Texas passed a platform that, in […]

Not All Mailers Are the Same

Well, it’s not every day that you wake-up on a Sunday morning to see that you’ve been identified and quoted in the lead editorial of your local newspaper []—but yesterday was one of those days. Those of you who have followed Big Jolly Politics know that one of the problems both David Jennings and I […]

Defending Life When Opposition Turns Further Left

By Chris Carmona It seems the anti-life crowd has moved the debate about abortion to a rather absurd new place. Instead of sticking to their “convictions” and simply being pro-choice when it comes to abortion, they are now debating openly the unequivocal murder of a child after it has been delivered from the womb. A […]

Reminder: check Terry Lowry’s rates

A quick reminder for those candidates considering buying an “advertisement” in Terry Lowry’s Link Letter: check the rates he charges you versus the rates he charges other candidates. I’ve written about it before but here is the law: ELECTION CODE Sec. 255.002.  RATES FOR POLITICAL ADVERTISING (b) The rate charged for political advertising that is printed or […]

Don Hooper’s City of Houston after action report!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy Happy New Year. I always find it interesting to see who will be aligned with what camp post election and this election cycle did not disappoint. First, I would like to congratulate Michael Kubosh who won a well-deserved victory.  Michael’s campaign message crossed all […]