Not All Mailers Are the Same

Well, it’s not every day that you wake-up on a Sunday morning to see that you’ve been identified and quoted in the lead editorial of your local newspaper []—but yesterday was one of those days. Those of you who have followed Big Jolly Politics know that one of the problems both David Jennings and I […]

Defending Life When Opposition Turns Further Left

By Chris Carmona It seems the anti-life crowd has moved the debate about abortion to a rather absurd new place. Instead of sticking to their “convictions” and simply being pro-choice when it comes to abortion, they are now debating openly the unequivocal murder of a child after it has been delivered from the womb. A […]

Reminder: check Terry Lowry’s rates

A quick reminder for those candidates considering buying an “advertisement” in Terry Lowry’s Link Letter: check the rates he charges you versus the rates he charges other candidates. I’ve written about it before but here is the law: ELECTION CODE Sec. 255.002.  RATES FOR POLITICAL ADVERTISING (b) The rate charged for political advertising that is printed or […]

Don Hooper’s City of Houston after action report!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy Happy New Year. I always find it interesting to see who will be aligned with what camp post election and this election cycle did not disappoint. First, I would like to congratulate Michael Kubosh who won a well-deserved victory.  Michael’s campaign message crossed all […]

Back in the saddle

Every once in a while, it’s nice to take a break and get away from the daily routine and from politics. Last week, I got way away from both and ended up hitched! Well, truth is I was already hitched but I took my bride of 32 years to Las Vegas and got Elvis to […]

A Prayer to Bury the Loner Among Us

As we entered the past weekend and prepared for Thanksgiving, a wave of emotions and thoughts hit me as I stopped and absorbed so many of the articles and TV documentaries about the end of John F. Kennedy’s life and Presidency.  I know a lot has already been printed and broadcast about this event over […]

Houston Mayor Annise Parker playing a dangerous game

Ruling by fiat is a prescription for chaos and revolution. Houston Mayor Annise Parker is flirting with disaster with her executive order recognizing same-sex marriages. Texas law is clear on this issue – less than 10 years ago, 76% of Texans defined marriage in this state as between one man and one woman. I’m often […]

US House should vote on and pass ENDA

Last week, the US Senate passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) on a vote of 64-32. Just so we know what we are talking about, click here to read the complete text of the bill. Here is a bullet list of what it does and just as importantly, what it doesn’t do: What ENDA Does Extends […]