Paul Ryan and The Way Forward for America

Review by Steve Parkhurst Congressman Paul Ryan’s first book hit the market back in August. The Way Forward: Renewing the American Idea, on its face, the name may not mean much. Inside, there is much to be learned and even more to be explored. This book is a serious, important work. By a serious, consequential leader. First, […]

Local debt bleeding us dry

Dear Editor:Come November, while most people focus on candidates, our local officials bleed us dry with bond proposals and proportions. Some to save the roads, some to save our children. But, don’t be fooled, the lack of any real discussion on these issues is always done so we blindly bury ourselves in more and more […]

Up Close and Personal: A Return to Outcry in the Barrio

After a visit to Outcry in the Barrio in April, a return visit has increased the understanding of what this ministry is doing. By Steve Parkhurst It is summer time in San Antonio. Mid-July, the 15th to be exact. The temperature approaches 100 degrees. It is a Texas summer day to be sure.Pastor Roman Herrera, […]

Mercy, Trust, and the Future of the Republican Party – Part 2

I want to follow-up on some comments to my last article, both on this site, and on the Houston Chronicle’s website after David re-posted the article there because of the implications for the Republican Party.  Then, I want to offer some personal thoughts about the 100th Anniversary this month of the start of the “Great […]

Amnesty supporter- “we’re not goin’ nowhere!”—until HPD arrives

This amnesty supporter did not believe in the law-abiding civil society for reasons he was unable to articulately communicate—that is, of course, until HPD arrived on the scene. Perhaps actions sometimes speak louder than words. Watch the amnesty supporter dressed in the black t-shirt and khaki shorts scream: “we’re not goin’ no where! —we’re gonna […]

Hyatt Regency Houston: zero tolerance for law-abiding, licensed concealed handgun holders

Looking for a hotel room in Downtown Houston? I was. My choices were narrowed down to three and after reading the firearms policy of the Hyatt Regency Houston I’ve made my decision. If you are a law-abiding Texan holding a concealed handgun license, the firearms policy of the Hyatt Regency in Houston states guests or […]

Compelling Causes Await The Republican Party

By Chris Carmona Each generation faces the same choices, hope or despair.A conservative movement based on the values and ideals of the Constitution is what allows and encourages each generation the opportunity to embrace the possibilities that are derived from the concept of hope. Recently the Republican Party of Texas passed a platform that, in […]