Texas election quick thoughts

Wow. R’s rule! A few thoughts on the results in the Texas election. But first, I have to give thanks to the election workers in my precinct, the mighty 377 in Harris County! As a precinct chair, you always wonder if the workers you ask are actually going to show up. Fortunately, we had a […]

Video: Gutierrez tells MABAH “if they choose to pick food here we should reward them so they can join a union”

Illinois Democrat Congressman Luis Gutierrez gave the keynote address to members of the Mexican American Bar Association of Houston & attendees of their Sponsorship Gala this past Thursday. He knew MABAH encourages its members to participate in pro-bono legal services and to promote a better understanding of the legal profession to the Hispanic community and […]

Sharyl Attkisson asks “where are the unaccompanied alien children?”

With the one-year anniversary of Houston Mayor Annise Parkers’ “Shine a Light on Human Trafficking” campaign approaching, how ironic is it that former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson asked a very timely and logical question- “where are the unaccompanied alien children?” From Hot Air: If CBS thought that Sharyl Attkisson was a thorn in their […]

What the hell is wrong with Republicans?

And I say that in a nice way. Seriously. What has happened to us? When did we decide to let conspiracies and paranoia overrule sense and sensibility? Although we’ve seen glimpses of this new mentality amongst Republicans over the last few years, nothing drives home the point better than the reaction to the release of […]

H.E.R.O. supporters advocate public shooting of Texas official

Tolerant and peaceful Leftists posting comments on the Think Progress blog have openly agitated for the public shooting of a Texas official. As a result of exercising his First Amendment religious beliefs and peacefully petitioning for defeat of Mayor Parkers’ phony “equal rights” ordinance, Dave Wilson is now the target of death threats. Check out […]

Ben Streusand for CD-36

In the race to replace Rep. Steve Stockman in CD-36, I’ll be voting for Ben Streusand. I think that this is a rare opportunity for the voters of a relatively new district to put our stamp on the U.S. Congress. That’s a bold statement when endorsing a person that will be a freshman representative. But […]