LTTE: Don’t Repeal “Rev Cap”

Dear BJP Editorial Board: Paying down the city’s General Fund (GO) Debt and unfunded pension liability does not require eliminating the City Charter Rev Cap spending limit. The City Charter Rev Cap requirement does not limit how much revenue the city can take in, it controls how much money the city can spend without having […]

Dishonesty in race for Galveston County Judge

In the debate between Michelle Hatmaker and Mark Henry, the Galveston County Judge has perpetrated another outrageous lie – this time using the local media as his forum for deceit. The Hatmaker Campaign has allowed Henry to make other false claims and exaggerations up to this point however, degrading Texas City for his own political […]

Texas: Still a One-Party State

This past year saw much fanfare surrounding the formation of “Battleground Texas” as a coordinated effort to “turn Texas blue.” As we approach the 2014 elections, however, the reality of the situation shows how difficult a task this would be. From the candidate filings posted by the Secretary of State’s elections division, it appears that […]

From the Inbox: City of Houston Immigration Vetting Project

This press release was delivered into my inbox today October 10th, 2013. IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Stop the Magnet’s City of Houston Immigration Vetting Project CONTACT:        Elizabeth Theiss                                                                    Maria Martinez      September, 18th, Stop the Magnet sent every candidate running for mayor and city council five important questions related to the city’s immigration policies concerning public […]

Judicial Engagement by Harris County Republicans

I ran across a great article written by Don Hooper yesterday regarding the HCRP’s Judicial Signing party. Although the article was interesting, I found some of the comments even more fascinating. Some of the comments made me think that we, as the HCRP, should be collaborating efforts within our committees and subcommittees to bring about […]

On Judicial Review and Political Hypocrisy

Its that time of year again, Supreme Court decision time. We sit and wait as the mysterious powers that be at the all reclusive judicial branch of government pound away, pumping out decisions. Like most years the most anticipated decisions await the last few days of the session the current term and we sit in […]

Who died and put the Greater Houston Partnership in charge?

For the Houston Chronicle (“A close eye on HCC” 4/18/13) to carry out their veiled threat “We’ll be watching”, they must first open their eyes.  The editorial board should write their own editorials; rather than print word for word what the HCC administration submits. The editorial states: “ As longtime Houstonian will recall, HCC’s history […]

Clear Lake Tea Party Responds to Citizens for CCISD

It seems that Mr. Jerry Smith of Citizens for CCISD political action committee (PAC) has asked the Clear Lake Tea Party (CLTP) to adhere to values of transparency, honesty, and accountability.  Okay, let me answer that challenge. The Clear Lake Tea Party has been working for traditional conservative values since 2009 by championing fiscal responsibility, […]

Reader urges Texas lawmakers to use caution in budget process

Texas Comptroller Susan Combs recently announced the State of Texas will have an estimated $8 billion surplus from the current 2-year budget. When State Rep. Dan Branch (R-Highland Park) stated he wanted to “look at the math” before discussing cutting taxes, the Empower Texans think tank labeled Rep. Branch as a Strauss lieutenant and assumed […]