Amnesty supporter- “we’re not goin’ nowhere!”—until HPD arrives

This amnesty supporter did not believe in the law-abiding civil society for reasons he was unable to articulately communicate—that is, of course, until HPD arrived on the scene. Perhaps actions sometimes speak louder than words. Watch the amnesty supporter dressed in the black t-shirt and khaki shorts scream: “we’re not goin’ no where! —we’re gonna […]

Is the Houston Police Department keeping us safe?

“Tonight, Houston homicide detectives are working to solve the murder of a man found stabbed in a parking lot.” In Houston, the first five minutes of every newscast includes words like these. When we hear news reporters providing minimalistic details of yet another murder, we believe that detectives will work to solve that particular crime […]

Hyatt Regency Houston: zero tolerance for law-abiding, licensed concealed handgun holders

Looking for a hotel room in Downtown Houston? I was. My choices were narrowed down to three and after reading the firearms policy of the Hyatt Regency Houston I’ve made my decision. If you are a law-abiding Texan holding a concealed handgun license, the firearms policy of the Hyatt Regency in Houston states guests or […]

Repeal the Houston UnEqualRights Ordinance

Or not. It really is up to you. Here is the latest from former Harris County Republican Party Chairman Jared Woodfill:   One Day Left to Stop Mayor Parker’s Sexual Predator Protection Act! We have one more day to stop an egregious assault on the rights of women and children to be safe when they […]

Jared Woodfill asks for your help!

Former Harris County Republican Party Chair Jared Woodfill has been working hard to overturn the Houston UNequalRights ordinance. From the InBox: No Signature Left Behind! This is final weekend to collect signatures in churches and events throughout the City of Houston to repeal Mayor Parker’s Sexual Predator Protection Act!   Some have asked about the deadline […]

Harris County Department of Education parts ways with superintendent

After twelve years at the helm of the Harris County Department of Education, Superintendent Dr. John Sawyer is retiring. At last week’s meeting of the HCDE Board, the Trustees voted 5-2 to accept his resignation in return for a buyout of $198,000, plus accrued personal leave, sick days and vacation days valued at $84,341.40. Here is the […]

Petition drive to reverse Houston UNequalRights ordinance

From the InBox:     For Immediate Release                                         Press Release Contacts: Jonathan Saenz, Cell: 512-879-7995, Office: 512-478-2220 Effort To Repeal Houston’s LGBT & Transsexual Bathroom Law Enters Final Week Houston, TX, June 20, 2014 – An important effort is underway to repeal the recently passed Houston LGBT Ordinance through a referendum process. The dangerous ordinance […]