State Rep Lois Kolkhorst should fully disclose all contracts with taxpayer-funded agencies

On Friday November 21st during a public forum, Texas Senate District 18 candidates Gary Gates, Charles Gregory and Jim Kolkhorst (on behalf of his wife Texas State Representative Lois Kolkhorst who was not in attendance) were asked if their businesses participated in the bid process for contracts with state, county or any public entities, and […]

Transparency stymied again by Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan

Harris County Attorney and Democratic Party hack Vince Ryan is at it again. Ryan should have been defeated long ago but several Harris County Commissioners Court members were so scared of having a County Attorney that would investigate them, they helped him defeat the Republican. Yes, that’s true, it’s real, and it happened. And look […]

New mural at Houston City Hall

I had the pleasure this past Thursday to attend the unveiling of a new mural located in the tunnel leading to the Houston City Hall Annex. I attended because a friend of mine, Donald Collins, was one of the artists that collaborated on the project. Here is Donald explaining the imagery of the painting: Gotta […]

Texas election quick thoughts

Wow. R’s rule! A few thoughts on the results in the Texas election. But first, I have to give thanks to the election workers in my precinct, the mighty 377 in Harris County! As a precinct chair, you always wonder if the workers you ask are actually going to show up. Fortunately, we had a […]

Harris County’s tough on crime DA Devon Anderson

Appointed Interim Harris County DA Devon Anderson has tried to convince voters that she is “tough on crime” while labeling her opponent, Kim Ogg, as “dangerous”. In fact, if Politifact had put Anderson’s claims through their “Truth-O-Meter“, they would have awarded Anderson a “Pants on Fire“. They also might award Ms. Anderson a Pants on Fire […]

State Rep. Zerwas, Fort Bend Chambers– Key Advocates for Special Tax Incentives

The Central Fort Bend Chamber Alliance and the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce were two key advocates for the Greens at Brentford housing development application submitted to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs by Greens at Brentford LP, according to documents received in response to an open records request. The proposed development, as […]