Harris County DA, HPD Homicide scandal widens

Chronicle Reporter James Pinkerton continues to kill it. His latest Easter Sunday article includes information from the recently obtained disciplinary records for the officers fired and disciplined in the HPD homicide unit scandal. The revelations were countless and shocking. Let me try and summarize the facts. The disciplinary records reveal that the investigation involving (former) […]

Harris County needs 500,000 property tax protests

As I mentioned earlier, homeowners need to protest their property tax appraisals this year. George Scott over at George Scott Reports has all the information you need to know why: Average property value increases for Harris County homeowners and small to medium range businesses owners that hit 16% to19% and often significantly more in major […]

Shoreacres City Council Meeting 4-14-14

I skipped the two March meetings of the Shoreacres City Council because of the Republican Party primary, so it was good to be back and see if anything had changed. 3.0 Special Presentations There were two proclamations made this month. First was proclaiming April as “Fair Housing Month” and the second one was proclaiming May […]

Time to check your property tax appraisals

One of the most important things that a homeowner must do every year is to check the appraisal value that your local appraisal board has assigned to your property. This year it is especially critical because the appraisal boards know that the economy is relatively strong and in their eyes, that means automatic property appraisal […]

Special prosecutor needed for HPD homicide squad

The Harris County District Attorney’s office has a dilemma, compounded by a conflict, in search of a guy name Brady. A month or so ago, there were rumblings around town that a Houston Police Department homicide detective was under investigation. On Friday, Houston Police Chief Charles A. McClelland, Jr. called this (former) police officer a […]