American Petroleum Institute 3 gun competition

On Monday, I participated in the 13th Annual American Petroleum Institute (API) three-gun competition at the American Shooting Center. My friends from Continental Production Services invited me to join their team – thank you Craig Corbell and Grant Richardson. This was my first three-gun competition and, I must admit, I was nervous. While my team […]

Defending Life When Opposition Turns Further Left

By Chris Carmona It seems the anti-life crowd has moved the debate about abortion to a rather absurd new place. Instead of sticking to their “convictions” and simply being pro-choice when it comes to abortion, they are now debating openly the unequivocal murder of a child after it has been delivered from the womb. A […]

Liberty Forum recap

On Friday evening, I attended the Liberty Forum sponsored by Republican Liberty Caucus, Libertarian Party, and Liberty on the Rocks. This event was an outstanding example of the good work being done by Harris County’s young conservative leaders. John Baucum, President of the Houston Young Republicans, invited me to the event. Baucum thought that I […]

A question for the judicial candidates – forced legislative respect

A very wise man once told me the most important races on the ballot are the judicial races. These judges wield enormous power, issuing decisions affecting the Texas Railroad Commission’s influence over gas utility rate schedules, the application of property tax exemptions to Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO), Houston Fire Department breach of settlement agreements, […]

The Blessings of Katrina

Recently my wife and I had a chance to attend a wedding in New Orleans so we decided to make it a four day weekend. It was great, the weather was gorgeous. We stayed at the Indigo Hotel on St. Charles Avenue, the one with the street car. This was not my first trip to […]

A prayer for our elections

I received the prayer below from a friend this morning, along with this comment: The current state of the political discourse and process really dismays me, and I worry about our world more than I admit. The media has a piece of all that. I won’t out my friend because I suspect that because she […]

At the Zoo with Billy

“Look Grandpa, there’s a ‘publican,” Billy shouted, pointing to the Indian elephant house at the Houston zoo. It was ten-thirty and the zoo workers and volunteers were uncoiling water hoses and carrying long handled brushes as they began preparations for their daily task. One young man had on his game face as he pushed a […]

Senator C as Don Q

The Affordable Care Act is law and someday, sooner than later, I’ll bet we will have a single payer health care system in this country. A man whom I respect very much, wrote this recently in his Bevridge Approach post: So, inevitably, the public has moved forward down the only track it’s been given, and […]

No More Ice Ice, Baby

“Kinda warm in here,” The gray bearded professor said as he sat down at the Four Seasons hotel bar in downtown Houston. “Yeah, it’s not the heat it’s the humidity, right? They’re working on the a c. What’ll it be?” the bartender asked him. “Single malt, on the rocks, plenty of ice.” Another man seated […]

Obama’s Health Care Plans: Green Eggs And Ham Variety

I am Canadian I am Canadian Canadian I am Canadian-I-am Canadian-I-am! I do not like that Canadian Do you like Obama’s health care plans? I do not like them; Canadian I do not like Obama’s health care plans Would you like them here or there? I would not like them here or there. I would […]