Two former HISD administrators indicted, charged with doctoring dropout-rate docs

A Harris County grand jury today indicted two former Houston school system administrators on felony charges in connection with accusations that they altered school records to falsely lower reported dropout rates, the local prosecutor said. Delores Westmoreland was indicted on three counts and Peggy Collins was indicted on two counts of tampering with a government […]

Schools trim few teachers following Texas state budget cuts, sky not falling just yet

Few teachers actually laid off in Texas. In many cases teachers were re-hired. In at least one case, a district reported having more teachers than it had before the state budget cuts. On a warm Saturday last March before a rally of more than 10,000 people on the south steps of the Texas Capitol, John […]

Texas Watchdog: Rash of improper influence over high-dollar contracts at Houston ISD — while teachers are cut and schools are closed

Houston school trustees have been accused in at least seven cases during the last two years of using their influence to affect what companies the school district does business with, public records show. In all but one of those cases, trustees are accused of using their influence to give school district work to favored vendors […]

Houston ISD’s Paula Harris blocks Texas Watchdog reporter from her Twitter, Facebook feeds, calls reporter ‘unethical’

Click here to view the original post on Texas Watchdog's website written by Mike Cronin. The president of the Houston school board told a Texas Watchdog reporter on Monday that she hasn’t answered requests for comments about herself and her ties to district contractors for more than nine weeks because the reporter is unethical. Paula Harris made the […]

Interwoven ethics problems at Houston ISD, Houston Community College, port authority, Harris County — all one big ball of string

There’s trouble at the Houston school district. There’s trouble at the port authority. There’s trouble at Houston Community College. There’s trouble at the Harris County government. A casual reader of Houston news might think it’s a coincidence that there’s so much controversy in four of Houston’s largest government agencies. But the ongoing ethics concerns at those four agencies include […]

Texas state housing chief resigns; agency failed to use Hurricane Ike rebuilding funds, oversaw faulty stimulus program to fix up low-income homes

Gov. Rick Perry has accepted the resignation of the head of the state’s housing agency, which has failed to handle billions of federal dollars to rebuild homes in the wake of Hurricane Ike and oversees a federal stimulus program plagued by questions of fraud and mismanagement. Michael Gerber, executive director of the Texas Department of […]