2014 Primary: Tony Noun, HD-150

Continuing our series of interviews with candidates in the 2014 Texas Republican Party Primary, I talked with Tony Noun. Tony is running in Texas House District 15o against incumbent Rep. Debbie Riddle.

Tony Noun at the Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club 1-23-14
Tony Noun at the Downtown Houston Pachyderm Club 1-23-14

Although there were some problems with the video, the audio is clear and that is the most important part. Listening to Tony will inspire you and he is a great example of an immigrant coming to the U.S. legally and making his way to the top. If only our native born citizens had his work ethic and drive to serve his community.

More information about Tony Noun:

Website: VoteTonyNoun.com

Facebook: TonyNounDistrict150

Twitter: @Noun4TX

Plug provided by the Tony Noun campaign:

For too long politicians in Austin speak conservatism but do not vote it. Tony Noun is a Spring, Texas conservative businessman who believes that the bottom-line of the Texas taxpayer should be what drives the constitution of any elected official, especially the Republican who will represent House District 150. Tony Noun, as a teenager in the Christian Resistance fought against the tyranny of Hezbollah and the Syrian Regime. Tony Noun has built a thriving business, and like most Republicans in House District 150 daily worked hard to find his place in the free market. Tony Noun wholeheartedly believes that for Spring, Texas to prosper, big government spending must be fought against at every turn, and Austin must keep its hands off the fruits of the labor of our district. Tony Noun for almost two decades has lived in Spring Creek Oak with his family. Tony Noun is convinced that being accountable to “We the People of Spring” and a fiscal champion is the key to long term prosperity for the citizenry of Spring, Texas.

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  1. Jim says

    What an inspirational story. This in fact is a prime example of the American Dream and the drive behind his success is what we need in this district. I look forward to seeing what this gentleman can do for us here in Spring.

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