Election today! Go vote! Pretty please?

The Texas primary election is finally here! Yay! I can’t even imagine how hard it has been for most candidates, the ones that started campaigning in January or February of 2011. I’m sure they’ve gone through more pairs of shoes than they ever thought they could! And I’m certain that the first timers have a new respect for this thing called campaigning.

If you are reading this, most likely you’ve already voted because you are more interested in the process than the 95% or so that won’t bother voting today. But just in case there are a few stragglers out there that haven’t voted and haven’t made up there minds on the candidates, might I suggest a few?

US Senate: Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst – no other candidate has the depth and breadth of experience that Dewhurst brings to the contest. As a veteran of the Air Force, he understands the needs of the men and women of our military. As a former CIA officer, he understands more than most the role of our intelligence services. As a very successful businessman, he knows what it takes to create jobs, opportunity, and wealth. As the only statewide elected official in the race, he understands what it takes to reduce the size of government and create a level playing field for all. In short, he’s the real deal and the only man ready to go to Washington DC today and make a difference.

CD 36 – Mike Jackson – with a clear conservative record during his time as a Texas State Representative and Senator, we don’t need to worry about what he will do in Washington DC.

RR Commissioner – Roland Sledge – he’s one of only two people with actual experience in oil and gas, the rest of the field are political cronies. Put a sledgehammer to work and put the EPA in its proper place.

SD 11 – Daniel McCool – send a message to the lobbyists that you are tired of politics as usual and scorched earth campaigns. Daniel is a servant leader that will represent the people of SD11 with honor and hard work.

HD 129 – John Davis – his calm demeanor and steady hand will prove to be an asset to Speaker Joe Straus during the sure to be contentious budget skirmishes in the 2013 session.

151st Civil Court – Leif Olson – Leif is the clear, consistent conservative in this race. He’s also one of the most talented young attorneys in the state of Texas. Put him to work for the people and watch him soar!

179th Criminal Court – Kristin Guiney – Kristin has the experience necessary to handle this high volume criminal court.

Harris County District Attorney – Pat Lykos – you can be for moving forward with the reforms down at the courthouse and for retuning to the days of the frat house. Yes, she’s stepped on a lot of toes during her three years in office. Give her four more and let her crush some more.

Harris County Attorney – Robert Talton – give Judge Ed Emmett a county attorney that will help him root out corruption, not hinder his activities.

Harris County Sheriff – Louis Guthrie – Do you want solid leadership in the sheriff’s office? A man that has the respect of his officers? Then Louis Guthrie is your choice.

Harris County Tax Assessor Collector – Don Sumners – I still don’t know why his challenger challenged him. He never made a case against Sumners or for himself. Plus, he’s got some campaign finance problems to deal with. Another thing that bugged me was that he ran for City Council knowing full well he didn’t want the job and if he wins this race, the city will have to hold a special election, costing taxpayers thousands of dollars. With Don, you know that you have an honest, hard working man that will always look out for the taxpayer. Give him a full term – vote for Don Sumners.

Harris County Dept of Education, At Large 3 – Mike Wolfe – his opponent is a dyed in the wool Democrat wearing sheep’s clothes to try and trick Republican voters. Don’t be fooled – Mike Wolfe consistently votes against spending by this outdated department and should be returned to his position.

I didn’t vote for a single unopposed candidate and I hope you don’t either. I hate the machinations that go on in the background that prevent “certain” people from having opponents.

Kudos to all of the candidates for their efforts. The polls close at 7 pm, so you’d better get on down there – don’t take a chance of your car breaking down! And remember – the vote is the vote. There shall be no whining about the results.


  1. Simple Simon says

    I voted last week, but I will sure be glad to see the Robo-Callers to focus on another state.


  2. David Jennings says

    No, Luci, I didn’t lose. I wasn’t on the ballot. I voted for the people I thought were best. I won by not compromising and voting for the “popular” person, even in those cases that my candidate lost their election.

  3. David Jennings says

    Little kid,

    Like I said, I wasn’t on the ballot, so it is impossible for me to have lost. My credibility is intact, better than ever actually. As for my following, I only have three and they haven’t left me. Used to be only two but then some slimy political consultant started following me and I can’t get rid of the guy.

    I don’t sit on the bench. I get out on the playing field, unlike anonymous commenters.