Texas US Senate Race: David Dewhurst is the right choice

David Dewhurst

With early voting right around the corner, It is time to make final decisions on candidates. Amongst the contested statewide races, none is more important than making the right choice to replace retiring U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. And in that race, the clear choice to represent Texas is current Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

Mind you, this wasn’t an “easy” choice, although in the end it was a clear choice. Former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert is a tremendously skilled businessman and proved that a conservative could win in an urban environment by reaching out to all people without compromising core conservative values. He is engaging, has run a very positive campaign, has put forth solid solutions, and has worked the campaign trail as hard as anyone this year. As they say, any other year or any other campaign…but this is not any other year or any other campaign. And his record, as successful as he was in Dallas, comes up short when compared to Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

David Dewhurst’s life is the model that we hope our children will follow. He could have easily taken the wrong road in life – many do after losing their father at a young age. Instead, he soaked up the values instilled in him by his mother, worked his way through college, served in the U.S. Air Force and then in the Central Intelligence Agency, prospered in business, and then turned to public service to, in his words, “create opportunities for everyone” because he has been so blessed.

He has succeeded in creating those opportunities here in Texas and now wants to take the “Texas model” that he and other Texas leaders developed to Washington. He may not get as much credit for our success as he deserves because he is by nature a quiet man, and in this age of loud rhetoric and talk radio blabber, quiet reflection and competence are not ratings winners. But credit he does deserve because without his leadership as presiding officer of the Texas Senate, the “Texas model” might never have been given a chance to succeed.

Perhaps David Dewhurst’s biggest asset is his understanding of details, understanding that can only be had by deep study of the issues. He fully grasps the current state of the economy but also understands the historical reasons for the current state and has detailed solutions for righting the ship. His is a positive model, which goes full circle back to the reason he is in public service – to create opportunity.

For instance, he understands that the true unemployment numbers are understated because the labor force participation rate continues to decline:

US Labor Force Participation Rate

The drop in the participation rate affects about 4.8 million adults – adults that are not counted as being unemployed but are in fact, unemployed. But knowing what is happening is only half the job – how to address it?

Fortunately, the unique combination of his early career in the federal government, his business experience, and his decade of running the Texas economy give David Dewhurst a broad knowledge base from which to draw on when seeking answers to complicated budget problems. I recently asked him this question:  “If you were king for a day and could enact any one policy, and only one, that would turn the economy around, what would it be?” With very little hesitation, he said that he would cut corporate tax rates in half. He then went on to talk about the $2 trillion that is sitting in corporate accounts here and another $1.5 trillion abroad – cutting the corporate tax rate would encourage companies to use that money to expand and grow. The philosophy behind his answer is the key – you cannot tax or cut your way to prosperity – you must grow the economy. He is dead on correct and it is a shame that so few people are talking like that. It is a shame that so-called tea party candidates can’t tell you what it would mean for the economy to return to the historical growth rate of 3.28% from the dismal 2.43% we have been at since July 2009. But it takes experience and a record to understand that.

And David Dewhurst is the only candidate in the race with both the experience and proven conservative record that will allow him to be a positive force in the U.S. Senate from day one.

And the good news for social conservatives is that he is also one of them. No candidate comes close to his record on pro-life issues. As Texans for Life President Kyleen Wright puts it:

David Dewhurst has been a game changer for the pro-life movement in this state,” Wright said.   “Until he arrived, the state Senate was where pro-life legislation always stalled.  But he was able to break the logjam.  He is a man of character, and of quiet decency.  I’m confident he will continue to be a leader in the U.S. Senate in protecting the most vulnerable among us.”

Ask him about entitlements and once again, he knows the issues and understands that people currently depending upon Social Security must be treated differently than the next generation. We cannot simply cut their benefits off after they have planned their lives around them. He is also well versed in the problems with Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare. He would approach healthcare with free market solutions, fight to overturn Obamacare,  and apply the Mayo Clinic Model.

Folks, you can’t get this type of in-depth knowledge from a lawyer that has never served his country and only has book knowledge of the situations he faces. You only get that from a guy that has been there, done that, worked through crisis to resolution, and has a proven conservative record that you can count on.

That man is David Dewhurst. Experience counts and experience matters. I hope you join me in voting for him for U.S. Senator.


  1. Yvonne Larsen says

    As I read this on my machine there’s a picture of Sarah Palin in an ad in the upper right corner of your web page that reads “Join Sarah Palin in Supporting Conservative Ted Cruz”..and that same ad is displayed right below your last sentence. LOL.

  2. David Jennings says

    Hey, Darren, hope all is well. I glanced at the article and can tell you right away that this:

    Dewhurst, who has supported higher taxes and sanctuary cities

    is patently false. Unbelievable what Breitbart puts out sometimes. The last time they did this, it turned out that a Cruz staffer wrote a blogpost and a Breitbart guy put his name to it.

    I’ll leave it to the Dewhurst campaign to combat the rest: Fact Check

  3. Darren says


    It’s been a while, eh? Thank you for the well wishes. The Lord is with us, supports, and strengthens us daily.

    I figured as much about taxes because if he supported raising taxes, we would never have herd the end of it. But as for sanctuary cities, here’s from your link: “Dewhurst Supported Sanctuary Cities Bill And Asked Perry To Include The Bill In The Special Session. “The next question is whether Perry will allow lawmakers to take up illegal immigration issues, a decision that could be made this week. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst sent a letter to Perry last week asking him to include the controversial sanctuary cities bill on the call.” (Jared Janes, “Special Session Could Revive Sanctuary Cities Bill,” The Monitor, 6/5/11)”

    I don’t think this section was dedicated to dispell unfactual accusations but to declare what Dewhurst has done. It makes it sound as if he *did* support santuary cities but there’s this: “As late as 11 p.m., an aide to Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said the Senate leader was still intent on bringing up the matter for a vote. (The Senate debates bills on the floor in the order they come in. Going out of order requires a two-thirds vote.)” (snip) ““You know, it was a party-line vote,” said state Sen. Tommy Williams, R-The Woodlands, who sponsored the bill in the upper chamber. The bill, HB 12 by state Rep. Burt Solomons, R-Carrollton, would prohibit cities, counties and other governmental entities or special districts from adopting policies that prevent law enforcement from asking persons lawfully detained or arrested if they are in the country legally.” (and one more snip) “Dewhurst left the door slightly more open to the possibility the bill could still make a rebound.

    “The Sanctuary Cities ban would standardize law enforcement protocols in Texas and give our local police departments the support they need to protect and serve our communities,” he said in a statement. “I’m disappointed that Senate Democrats chose to block the Sanctuary Cities ban, but I remain dedicated to passing this important legislation.””


    It’s pretty clear Dewhurst opposed sanctuary cities. I was at work with a small window to peek at your website and decided to post on Dewhurst. Thanks for the heads up. And, yes, I too have questioned Breitbart’s posts at times. You know what, you usually don’t get much “like’ points when you oppose a Breitbart post there. At times it’ll surprise you but by and large you’re not favoraby looked upon there when you oppose a post.

    Any insight on this?

  4. Izzy says

    Dewhurst is the better man, however, if I thought Cruz could lose to Sadler, I’d vote for him. Sadly, he wouldn’t. Not in Texas.

  5. Tom Zakes says

    Dewhurst’s claim to fame is that if something needed to be killed, he would make sure it died in the senate. He would always make sure it didn’t have his fingerprints on it, but that is the way that the senate works.

    Two factors were at work in that equation: The “Rosebush Rule” and committee chairmanships. So even though we have a clear majority in both houses of the legislature, we are not able to get many of the matters included in the platform enacted.

    This is the basic definition of “establishment politician” that the Tea Party arose to combat. As far as the establishment is concerned, it does not matter who is in charge, as long as the money keeps being spent.