Houston Dem blogger-keyboard warrior: Put a cap in their ass!

Well, look who’s back to advocating shooting poll watchers! That’s right, our favorite little wuss blogger, Democrat John Coby, er Cobarruvias, er the Keyboard Warrior. You do recall the last time he gave me the opportunity to write about him, don’t you? Yes, he’s back, stronger than ever having watched a few gangsta videos where they used the term “pop a cap”. First, from last week:

If someone puts a cap in their ass, they would have only themselves to blame.

And now today:

Would you file charges against someone who used his second amendment rights to protect his right to vote against someone attempting to intimidate him?

Oh, and he’s as witty as ever, coming up with the term “Screw the Vote” instead of True the Vote. Good grief, it is hard to keep standing after humor like that. Damn that boy is funny! Original too!

Of course, from the looks of his boy cave, most likely he thinks “pop a cap” means that he can run around the house in nothing but his chaps banging away on this thing. And if he’s especially lucky, his collection of cap guns will be featured here! Notice that one person, Chuck Quinn, has 12 pages featured! What a goal for wuss boy to achieve!

What in the sam hill do they put in the water over at those Democratic blogger meetings? Testosterone for those who have none? Sheeesh. This is a grown man with a boy cave, a keyboard, and a cap gun threatening five foot tall grandmothers with clipboards in their hands.

Speaking of five foot tall grandmothers, he reminds me of the anti-Lykos crowd because she scares the bejeavers out of him. Why, DA Lykos has the nerve to attend a debate being held at the headquarters of these voter intimidators:

At least these guys don’t hide behind keyboards.

Ooops, sorry, wrong group. Those are Democrats intimidating voters, so its A-Okay with Mr. Keyboard Warrior. No, he’s afraid of the King Street Patriots because they want to make sure that elections are free and fair in this county. Him being a Democrat and all, he can’t have anything to do with that.

Speaking of the King Street Patriots, they held a fabulously successful summit this past weekend as they expand into more states. Poor little Keyboard Warrior. Yep, it looks like they’ll have a million plus people out watching the polls, helping to insure that elections are free and fair. Pretty awesome group, I’d say. Read these from my friend Karen Townsend to get a good feel for the summit:

Unlike the keyboard wuss, er warrior, these people are out doing stuff, making it happen. Cleaning up elections so that yes, they are free and fair. That is such a disastrous scenario for the Democratic Party that they had to get their Texas spokesperson to weigh in:

“Harris County citizens should be highly outraged that the Republican officials are so close to this group of extremist group with a history of voter intimidation.”

Well, actually, it was the poll “workers” that were the problem, not the poll “watchers” Mr. Gutierrez! Can’t you guys get anything right?

Oh well, they are Democrats after all. Comprehension has never been their long suit. Boy caves, on the other hand, they well know. Here’s to popping a cap, warrior.


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