Press Release: Tom Leppert calls on Troy Aikman for help

This is actually a very good radio spot for Tom Leppert.


Troy Aikman Radio Ad: ‘Important’


“I Don’t Talk Politics Very Often, But With All The Stuff Going On In Washington Right Now This Race For U.S. Senate Is Pretty Important. One Man Stands Out In My Opinion: Tom Leppert.”


DALLAS, Texas, April 30, 2012 – Texans for Tom Leppert today released a new radio advertisement featuring Hall of Fame quarterback and FOX sportscaster Troy Aikman.


Aikman is a member of “Cowboys For Leppert,” a group of Dallas Cowboys legends who have endorsed Tom, which also includes quarterback Roger Staubach, safety Cliff Harris, linebackers Lee Roy Jordan and Bob Breunig, and defensive lineman Chad Hennings.


Together, these legends have combined for 12 Super Bowl trophies, 25 Pro Bowl selections, and four are members of the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Legends.

Leppert’s new radio advertisement is part of an aggressive, multi-million dollar paid media campaign that began last week. Last Monday, the Texans For Tom Leppert unveiled a new television ad “Empty Suits,” which is airing on broadcast stations in major markets and on cable stations in every media market in Texas.



TROY AIKMAN: This is Troy Aikman.

I don’t talk politics very often,

but with all the stuff going on in Washington right now

this race for US Senate is pretty important.

One man stands out in my opinion: Tom Leppert.


Tom’s not a lawyer.

Or a career politician.

For most of his life Tom Leppert has run businesses.

Successful businesses.

Balancing budgets.

Making a payroll.

Creating thousands of good jobs.

In just one term as Dallas mayor,

Tom Leppert did something most political leaders never do.

He said NO.

No to bigger government and wasteful spending

While reducing crime and making his city more efficient.


Raised by a single mom and self-made in the Texas tradition,

Tom Leppert is a man I’ve come to know and respect.

I hope you’ll get to know Tom like I have.

He’s smart.


And represents the best of Texas.

I’m voting for Tom. I hope you will too.


TOM LEPPERT: I’m Tom Leppert, candidate for the US Senate and I approve this message.  Paid for by Friends of Tom Leppert.





For more information, contact the Texans for Tom Leppert Press Office, (972) 977-4015.

Paid for by Texans for Tom Leppert

I like what Leppert is doing. His campaign is almost 100% positive, with some very minor jabs at Lt. Gov. Dewhurst. Negative ads certainly work but they also work against the person slinging the mud by bringing up their own negatives in the polls. If you don’t believe me, just check Ted Cruz’ numbers – after months of nothing but slinging mud, he’s sinking like the Titanic. But candidates rarely win with a 100% positive campaign, especially in a Republican primary, so it will be interesting to see how Mr. Leppert’s strategy works. I’ve said often that I think it will work well in this specific campaign, even going against the “smart folks” and saying that he’s in the #2 spot, primed for the runoff if Lt. Gov. Dewhurst doesn’t make it to 50.1%. Yeah, go ahead and laugh. We’ll see on 5/30.