Harris County DA Pat Lykos’ DIVERT program works – so why the fuss?

Pat Lykos

Here’s what I don’t get about one of the few issues in the primary race on the Republican side for Harris County DA – if a program works for the betterment of society (and the county) what is the problem? In this case, I’m talking about the DIVERT program, you know, the one that saves money, saves lives, saves people’s futures – but challenger Mike Anderson says it is illegal. Who am I to argue? All’s I know is that the facts are the facts – it works.

So anyways, I’m putting this info up because, as mentioned earlier, tomorrow night there is a candidate forum with DA Lykos and challenger Anderson over at Bay Oaks Country Club, which isn’t far from the trailer park. I tried to tell ‘em to have it here in the ‘hood but you know how them Repubs are, fancy, shmancy and all. Oh well, I’ll take the John Deere and scoot over there to see if Mr. Anderson makes a dent in DA Lykos’ armor on this issue. I don’t see how he could but that is why they have these forums! Now, I expect all you haters to get up off the couch and get over there to support your guy! Oh, that’s right, he really ain’t your guy, you just don’t much like the lady. Got it.

Oh well, here is something that I got way back when I did a PIA – one of several BTW. You know, doin’ the work that the anti-Lykos crowd refuses to do. For your reading pleasure:

DIVERT Overview


  1. Simple Simon says


    Are you a Trailer Park Republican or just living amongst them and observing; kinda like Lady Goodall and the chimps?


  2. Scott C. Pope says

    2 quick things–1) You’ll note that dismissals are up at a higher rate than the probations are, and that should be a cause for concern for law enforcement. 2) Divert, if you’re poor, or actually have a drinking problem, is not an option, and that should be a cause for concern for everyone, especially defense lawyers. Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors.