Harris County DA’s office: Back to the future?

So, you’re one of those people that have followed the grand jury investigation of the Harris County DA’s office from afar, not really getting into it, receiving only cursory information. I mean, you know about it and you’ve heard people like me say that the whole investigation was a sham and was politically motivated but you doubt that because, well, just because. Let me try again, with the help of a couple of people behind the mirror.

Remember Chip Lewis? The attorney for Amanda Culberson, the former DWI technician that claimed that the HPD Bat Vans had problems that the Texas DPS didn’t find? The guy that is always on hand around when the 185th grand jury was in the news, ready with an anti-Lykos quip? The guy that gave Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack a heads up about a forthcoming subpoena from that grand jury? He’s one of our helpers today.

The other one is Bert Graham, the former ADA that, if you recall, contributed $10,000 to the Mike Anderson campaign.

These two gentlemen are going to give us a little more insight into why the grand jury did what it did or at least what it tried to do, and probably help us understand why, after that effort failed, they have taken a new tact and are trying to convince us that the Lykos campaign conducted a nefarious investigation of the grand jury. They know that the media will focus on that and not on the apparently illegal activities of the grand jury, such as leaking information to the media and others, because it is so much more fun for the media to attack a public official than it is to find the truth. The whole truth. We’ll talk about that whole truth thing later but for now, let’s read this email that Mr. Lewis sent out:

From: ChipBLewis@aol.com
Date: January 21, 2012 10:38:39 AM CST
To: chipblewis@aol.com
Cc: bertgraham2@gmail.com


Greetings. I write to solicit your help with an upcoming event that Bert and I will be hosting. 

We are hosting a HCDAO reunion on February 23, 2012.  The purpose of the reunion is to get all of our cohorts focused on getting behind Mike in the upcoming election.  The reunion will be a happy hour-style gathering from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. with appetizers, beer and wine for all.  I am still working on finalizing the venue as we have received a large amount of interest already and the venue will need to be fairly large.

 This is not a fundraiser.  We simply want as many former/current prosecutors as possible to make this event and enjoy the camaraderie of past – the way the Office should be and can be again. During the event, we will gather everyone for a group photo.  This photo will illustrate the hundreds of years (hopefully thousands) of prosecutorial experience behind Mike Anderson for D.A.

We will attempt to invite every prosecutor from Bert’s dark ages through today.  This is where we need your help.  While we have a rather exhaustive list of email addresses, we do not want to leave anyone out.  Many current prosecutors will be invited, but we understand the Harris County ADA’s predicament given Patsy’s retaliatory nature.  (Big on the Fifth Amendment, but not so much the First Amendment.)  So, please forward this email and the formal invite (you will receive it soon) to every prosecutor (former/current) you think might be interested.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you. 

Chip B. Lewis
2120 Welch
Houston, Texas 77019

713-523-7887 Fax

Now, if you STILL believe this wasn’t a politically motivated farce, you will never be convinced of it and can move one.

For the rest of you, do you really, truly want to go back to the way the DA’s office was run in the past?


  1. Don Hooper says

    These are the very people involved in a corrupt grand jury. I just want people to think if this is what they will do to gain power, what would they do to defendants.

  2. Pam Francis says

    Check out the current issue of Texas Monthly page 146. It is called Trial and Errors.