RAMP goes to Austin

I don’t remember when my mind began to change on the marijuana issue; but, I am confident that the Lee family (Ann Lee and Bob Lee) had something to do with it. I was extremely sad to learn of Bob’s recent passing. When my father passed away last year, Ann trimmed the obituary from the newspaper and … [Read More...]

Ratcliffe on the myths of open carry laws

Texas Monthly's Burka Blog has been reinvigorated with the retirement of its namesake, Paul Burka, the terrific analysis of Erica Grieder, and the new hire, longtime reporter (and former Burka blogger) R.G. Ratcliffe. We'll miss Burka for many reasons but I'm enjoying the new direction. In his … [Read More...]

Don’t Ignore RESTORE

Depending on the outcome of ongoing litigation, Texas soon may find itself the recipient of a sizable windfall. But the state shouldn’t fall victim to the temptation to treat this as free money. Earlier this month, a federal court in Louisiana wrapped up final testimony in what has been nearly … [Read More...]

Harris County DA starts 2016 campaign

Harris County DA Devon Anderson was elected barely three months ago to fill out the remaining two years of the current term. On Sunday, she started the 2016 campaign with an op-ed in the Houston Chronicle titled "Let's rethink how grand juries are selected".   I support the efforts in the … [Read More...]

City, State Political Season

There is no doubt this is my favorite political season. Every two years, the Texas Legislature meets directly in front of the City of Houston elections. This time, the wide-open mayor’s race follows a complete changing of the guard in Austin. It is extraordinary to begin the Legislative Session with … [Read More...]