Dewhurst slings mud at Patrick

After finishing a disappointing second to Sen. Dan Patrick in the March 4th primary, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst had a choice to make in his runoff campaign. He could have continued to tout his record and the success of Texas under his leadership or he could go down the path that he tried against Ted … [Read More...]

Early to Rise finally put to bed

At least, I think it has been put to bed. You never know - with this much money at stake, there remains the possibility of a challenge despite the AG's opinion. But I digress. Yesterday, the Texas Attorney General's office finally released an opinion of the legality of the Early to Rise … [Read More...]

Chris Carmona’s Campaign Kick-Off

By Vladimir Davidiuk A campaign to retake Texas House District 148 began Wednesday, March 12, in a quiet, unassuming restaurant on Houston's north side. With the huge sign out front announcing the campaign kick-off reception, Chris Carmona's effort to wrest the district from decades of … [Read More...]