Missouri City wants you to trim your bush

Businesses in Missouri City, Texas planting shrubbery to screen their parking lots could run afoul of a new Missouri City ordinance regulating minimum and maximum shrubbery heights. The new ordinance also creates a new class of criminal in Missouri City and imposes a fine of up to $500 per … [Read More...]

How Big John Cornyn made history

From the InBox: To: Supporters and Staff Texans for Senator John Cornyn From: Brendan Steinhauser, Campaign Manager Rob Jesmer, Strategist Cc: Senator John Cornyn Re: Post-Election Analysis Senator John Cornyn’s re-election campaign was a huge success, not only … [Read More...]

New mural at Houston City Hall

I had the pleasure this past Thursday to attend the unveiling of a new mural located in the tunnel leading to the Houston City Hall Annex. I attended because a friend of mine, Donald Collins, was one of the artists that collaborated on the project. Here is Donald explaining the imagery of the … [Read More...]

Texas election quick thoughts

Wow. R's rule! A few thoughts on the results in the Texas election. But first, I have to give thanks to the election workers in my precinct, the mighty 377 in Harris County! As a precinct chair, you always wonder if the workers you ask are actually going to show up. Fortunately, we had a great team … [Read More...]