Why I voted for Kim Ogg for District Attorney

Commentary/Opinion by Don Hooper While some lifelong conservatives, like me, have voted for Kim Ogg this fall, others may be hesitant because they are conservatives and doesn’t a good conservative always vote for the Republican candidate? Of course, that line of thought begs the question: What … [Read More...]

Thank you Mayor Annise Parker!

This election season has been very boring in Harris County. So much so that I was concerned that Republican turnout would be lower than it should be. But thanks to Houston Mayor Annise Parker, conservative Republicans are fired up and it just so happens that early voting starts next week! Thank you, … [Read More...]

Local debt bleeding us dry

Dear Editor:Come November, while most people focus on candidates, our local officials bleed us dry with bond proposals and proportions. Some to save the roads, some to save our children. But, don't be fooled, the lack of any real discussion on these issues is always done so we blindly bury ourselves … [Read More...]

Dustin Ellermann: Pray Hard, Shoot Straight

I married up. I am the luckiest guy in the world. And, last weekend was another testament to this truth. This year, my beautiful wife gave my son and me a special present: a guys weekend at Camp His Way, which is a marksmanship camp for teens, located in East Texas on Lake Sam Rayburn. Even though … [Read More...]