LTTE: Don’t Repeal “Rev Cap”

Dear BJP Editorial Board: Paying down the city's General Fund (GO) Debt and unfunded pension liability does not require eliminating the City Charter Rev Cap spending limit. The City Charter Rev Cap requirement does not limit how much revenue the city can take in, it controls how much money the … [Read More...]

Gilbert Garcia reappointed to METRO

I have been to City Hall many times; however, I cannot remember a time when I was there to say something positive about Annise Parker. The purpose of my most recent visit was the reappointment of Gilbert Garcia. When Parker was elected, one of her promises was to bring change to Metro. One of the … [Read More...]

Dave Wilson wins big

A Harris County jury recently put an end to the shenanigans of Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan and his office’s attempt to overturn the election of Houston Community College Trustee Dave Wilson. After the election, the Harris County Attorney’s office claimed that Dave Wilson did not live in the … [Read More...]

Sen. Larry Taylor slams ruling in TWIA case

Last week, lame-duck State District Judge Bret Griffin ordered State Sen. Larry Taylor to testify in a lawsuit brought by the Brownsville Independent School District against the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. The school district is represented by trial lawyer Steve Mostyn, a prolific donor … [Read More...]

Jury Service Awareness Month

From the InBox: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 7, 2014 Contact: Jennifer Harris Phone: (512) 773-7168 NEW STUDY FINDS LOW RATES OF JURY SERVICE PARTICIPATION A WIDESPREAD PROBLEM IN TEXAS Governor Rick Perry Proclaims July “Juror Appreciation Month,” Urges Texans to Respond to Call for Jury … [Read More...]

Jared Woodfill asks for your help!

Former Harris County Republican Party Chair Jared Woodfill has been working hard to overturn the Houston UNequalRights ordinance. From the InBox: No Signature Left Behind! This is final weekend to collect signatures in churches and events throughout the City of Houston to repeal Mayor … [Read More...]

Good Government Gone Bad

340B Program Needs a Prescription for Reform Just when you think Washington’s health care mess couldn’t get any worse, along comes the 340B program.  Its bureaucratic-sounding name alone hints at the absence of transparency and lack of adequate oversight that unfortunately besets what once … [Read More...]