Des Moines Register on Ted Cruz

While everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Sean Hannity to Mark Levin and everywhere in between is praising the Des Moines Register for their takedown of Hillary Clinton (Something smells in the Democratic Party), I think it is worthwhile for you to see what they think of Ted Cruz. Cruz's campaign of … [Read More...]

Ted Cruz shows true colors in Iowa

Thank goodness the Iowa caucus is over. The idea that a state with fewer people than Harris County has such an outsized influence on electing a president should be offensive to anyone in the political process. In fact, there are 17 Metropolitan areas in the U.S. with a larger population than Iowa. … [Read More...]

The stench of Devon Anderson’s politics

Having paid close attention to politics and politicians for many years, I rarely get disgusted with a politician's actions. But the thirst for power displayed by Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson through the years is both disgusting and astounding. Disgusting because of the fallout from … [Read More...]

Don’t underestimate Trump

Hindsight will show Trump skipping the latest debate is the pivotal point in the 2016 primary. The move will either set him up to control the campaign through Super Tuesday, or set the stage up for a long bloodbath primary season with no clear winner. While I wish he would attend, not doing so is a … [Read More...]

Devon Anderson Shoots the Messenger!

The messengers have been indicted. Yesterday, Mary Lou Keel’s grand jury indicted David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt for their involvement in the Planned Parenthood investigation. Keel, the judge of the 232nd District Court is currently running for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. This result … [Read More...]

Why Ted Cruz Is a Natural Born Citizen

Note: I have neither donated to, nor intend to vote for, Senator Cruz in the primary. With Ted Cruz doing well in the polls the ever popular question of eligibility to run for President issue raises it's ugly head.  Again.  This dangerous trend started with John McCain and President Obama, and … [Read More...]

Open Carry, Churches, and Other Such Things

Earlier this year, my family went to a matinee showing of a summer blockbuster at Edwards Greenway. Before entering the theatre, the young ticket taker asked to search my wife’s purse. It really took us aback. Rachel very politely asked why the need to search her purse and the young man could only … [Read More...]

El Franco Lee

Orlando Sanchez on the passing of El Franco Lee Today we held a Funeral Mass which was said by Archbishop Emeritus of Galveston-Houston Joseph Firorenza at Holy Rosary Catholic Church. Today was truly a non-partisan gathering. People of all races, ethnicities and creeds attended to bid farewell … [Read More...]