Letter to Shoreacres City Council

Honorable Mayor and Council Members, Reference:  Proposed .844381 Tax Rate Hike Be advised I am opposed to the proposed tax rate hike. My reasons: I believe the proposed .844381 tax rate is excessive and unfair to the citizens of this city. When I compared the tax rates of 52 cities … [Read More...]

Victor Trevino trial delayed

(Note: see update below) More strange happenings at the Harris County District Attorney's office criminal justice center. This week, the office agreed to once again delay the prosecution of Precinct 6 Constable Victor Trevino was delayed yet again. The Harris County District Clerk's office now … [Read More...]

Odds and ends and HCRP follies

Still catching up after a nice vacation on the emerald coast. A few things caught my eye. First is the "investigation" into Judge Alicia Franklin's billing practices by local attorney Greg Enos. I'm not certain what Enos is trying to accomplish in this one. He did well in helping to expose Judge … [Read More...]

Kim Ogg – Justice for All

I know that the title of this post is a cliché but that is my lasting impression after sitting and chatting with Harris County District Attorney candidate Kim Ogg. Not justice for some, not justice for the connected, not justice for a certain social class, not justice for those of a particular skin … [Read More...]

Perry grand jury not the problem

It isn't often that I agree with Houston Chronicle columnist Lisa Falkenberg but her column on the Perry grand jury that indicted the Texas governor is spot-on. In Harris County and other Texas jurisdictions where judges use the "pick-a-pal" system to empanel grand jurors, bias and corruption are … [Read More...]