Bill King, election year conservative

It's amazing to watch candidates morph into different creatures during an election cycle. For years, Bill King has self described himself as a moderate politician, catering to the whims of the business community at taxpayers' expense. Now, suddenly, as he campaigns for Mayor of Houston, he wants to … [Read More...]

Jared Woodfill finally wins in HERO case

Congratulations to Jared Woodfill and team for their successful appeal to the Texas Supreme Court regarding Houston Mayor Annise Parker's unlawful attempt to keep citizens from voting on her Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. From the opinion of the court: We conclude that the Houston City Council has … [Read More...]

A Greek Tragedy in Houston

As we go to work tomorrow and the next day, the reality of the City of Houston’s financial condition will continue to be glossed over by city leaders. Only recently did the city’s finance director announce that the city is out of magic tricks. They have sold every city asset with any value and these … [Read More...]

Kelly Siegler and the Jiggery Pokery Gang

On Thursday, Judge Larry Gist issued 36 findings of prosecutorial misconduct against Kelly Siegler in the David Temple murder case. I wanted to give you a little background on Ms. Siegler so the Big Jolly readers can remain the most knowledgeable folks on Harris County criminal justice … [Read More...]

Hays County fights release of dashcam video, audio

He’s a former prosecutor in the Texas Attorney General’s office arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and Hays County is fighting release of the dashcam video & audio. As reported by the Statesman, Hays County Court-at-Law Judge David Glickler was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving in May … [Read More...]

Why Sheriff Ron Hickman has a point

Privacy rights advocates may want to challenge the Houston Press to rethink their recent article hyperventilating over Sheriff Ron Hickman’s decision to remove the rainbow flag logo from the website of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Perhaps Sheriff Hickman doesn’t have a problem with the … [Read More...]