Fort Bend ISD political ads paid for —by whom?

Back in October we noticed “Vote for FBISD Proposition 1” signs across Fort Bend in the run-up to the November 4th elections and pondered the rank hypocrisy of an individual who blasted the use of bonds so “certain vendors and developers could keep cashing in” while he personally could have … [Read More...]

Who said watching Commissioners Court is boring?

Fort Bend County Commissioner Richard Morrison identified a potential conflict of interest and voted against the County entering into a contract with Allen Boone Humphries Robinson as bond counsel. Watch County Judge Hebert scold Commissioner Morrison for stating: “Because of the lawsuit filed … [Read More...]

An “Uncomfortable” Observation

It has been 28 years since Professor Allan Bloom produced a remarkably readable and poignant critique of American higher education, The Closing of the American Mind.  In it he explained what had once been the goal of diffusing and infusing all that knowledge available from a “liberal” university … [Read More...]

A Special Council Meeting for a BIG Problem

Hats off to Houston City Council Members Michael Kubosh, Chief Bradford, Dave Martin, and Brenda Stardig for calling a special council meeting. This was an extraordinary move to attempt to answer an extraordinary problem – pension liability. Stardig of course thought the Firefighters were not … [Read More...]

Another reason to be skeptical of Jeb Bush

On June 21, 2012 former Florida Governor Jeb Bush addressed attendees of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) and made a statement that sent up a big red flag to me: “…we must begin to focus on how we build capacity for the next generation to maintain the … [Read More...]

Bill King for Houston Mayor

No need to fret if you missed Bill King’s speech to 200+ supporters at the Cadillac Bar earlier today; BJP has you covered! The Bill King for Houston Mayor “Back to Basics” platform of Catch the Crooks, Fix the Streets and Balance the Budget is highlighted in this 14 minute video. Hold onto … [Read More...]