The real liars are the HERO supporters

Maybe the title of this post should be "Lying liars and the lies they told and tell." According to The Houston Chronicle, the official journalistic stenographer of liberal radicals, the Hollywood extreme left’s money-machine, the ACLU’s  commitment to the national transgender movement, and the … [Read More...]

Harris County Republican Party follies

Part whatever. Good Lord. It's one thing to be beholden to the downtown Houston business establishment, it's quite another to dismiss activists and a demolishing election that happened just a week or so ago. The Harris County Republican Party is as dysfunctional as usual. Sigh. First, remember … [Read More...]

Bill King and the Tax Man

Government contracting 101: an ugly business with some unscrupulous people. So, when you wonder why Senator Paul Bettencourt quickly endorsed Bill King for Houston Mayor, think back to a time when Paul was the "Tax Man". In a time not so long ago sat an informal committee of creditors comprised … [Read More...]

Rand Paul for President: A ground game update

Full disclosure: I contributed to the Rand Paul for President campaign and bring you this campaign update on the heels of the Fox Business Debate earlier this week. From the inbox: "This has been an exciting week for Rand! You asked about our ground game success and what we have accomplished … [Read More...]

Hidden Danger of $15.00 minimum wage

Note: this is a guest post submitted by Greg Degeyter. With the debate last night starting off with discussion of the protest for a $15.00 minimum wage the candidates missed an opportunity to discuss one of the hidden dangers of the increased minimum wage.  Looking at the labor force … [Read More...]

Steve Costello endorses Sylvester Turner

This is not surprising if you followed the Houston mayoral race: Costello endorses Turner Cites Turner’s policy positions on infrastructure, debt as determining factors HOUSTON – Former Houston mayoral candidate Steve Costello today officially endorsed State Representative Sylvester Turner in … [Read More...]

Trump to hold rally in Beaumont

The Trumpster is coming, the Trumpster is coming, all hail the Trumpster!   Donald J. Trump comes to Beaumont this Saturday This Saturday November 14th, Mr. Trump will have a rally in Beaumont, Texas at the Ford Park Arena at 12:00 p.m. (doors open at 9:30 a.m.). Get … [Read More...]

Houston’s Prop 1 (HERO) after election analysis

Note: this is a guest post submitted by Greg Degeyter. Proposition 1's (HERO) only hope for passage was low voter turnout and Mayor Parker ended any chance of passage with the subpoenas for preachers' sermon notes since that energized the natural opponents of the proposition.Although it's … [Read More...]

61-39: Thank you Houston HERO voters!!

Wow! What an election day for truth and commonsense in Houston yesterday! Voters turned out in droves and defeated Mayor Annise Parker's "personal" unequal rights ordinance (HERO). As I said on Facebook, it feels GREAT to win one! The supporters of HERO were deceptive, mean, nasty, and just plain … [Read More...]

Driver charged in hit-and-run accident

A 45-year old Houston man is out on $30,000 bond after he was charged with failure to stop and render aid after he was involved in a deadly accident on Holzwarth Road in the early morning hours of October 5, 2015. Nolan Esguerra, the driver of a 2005 Ford F-150 pickup, struck a motorcyclist in … [Read More...]