Fort Bend County creates another government

The State of Texas allows for the creation of special districts in which most residents never vote for their leaders. These special districts come with extraordinary taxing power accompanied by the ability to issue millions of dollars in public bond indebtedness backed by the payment of taxes and … [Read More...]

Ben Hall’s most excellent summer

Houston Mayoral candidate Ben Hall is having a most excellent summer, primarily thanks to Houston Mayor Annise Parker. Parker's oversteps and missteps on the Houston UNequal Rights Ordinance has propelled Hall into the thick of the race. As I noted here, conventional wisdom from conventional … [Read More...]

Annise Parker vs Texas Supreme Court

So, the Texas Supreme Court has slapped Mayor Parker again by granting Jared Woodfill's latest mandamus. A mandamus is a direct order from a court to act. In this case, the court ordered her honor to rewrite the ballot language to follow the City Charter. The per curiam opinion granting "yet … [Read More...]