Bill King for Houston Mayor

No need to fret if you missed Bill King’s speech to 200+ supporters at the Cadillac Bar earlier today; BJP has you covered! The Bill King for Houston Mayor “Back to Basics” platform of Catch the Crooks, Fix the Streets and Balance the Budget is highlighted in this 14 minute video. Hold onto … [Read More...]

Unbelievable: woman alleges Worthing High School distributed birth control pills, performed vaginal exam on special education student without parental consent

Community sources tipped me off to a video taken during a November 2014 meeting of the Houston Independent School District Board of Trustees. Watch Houston ISD Board member Juliet Stipeche run away from the dais as the woman I’ll call “Ms. W” approached the microphone to discuss distribution of … [Read More...]

About that NY Times cropped photo…

that wasn't. I can't believe that some on the right are even talking about this. I mean, seriously, don't we have enough to talk about in this country without the need to invent yet another "conspiracy" that isn't? You want a cropped photo to complain about? Okay, I'll give you one (click to … [Read More...]

The not-so conservative Texas Senate

It was only a matter of time. The so-called "conservative" Texas Senate is really a populist body with a social conservative agenda. The fearless ego leader of the Senate, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, has always been a populist behind his rhetorical conservative front. The Lt. Gov. and his minions are … [Read More...]

Wade Emmert’s fundraising

In my recap of a recent debate between the four candidates vying to replace outgoing Republican Party of Texas Chair Steve Munisteri, I said this about candidate Wade Emmert: He (Emmert) said during the debate that he has raised over a million dollars for the Dallas County Republican Party but in … [Read More...]

Jared Woodfill’s record of cronyism

I literally laughed out loud when I received Jared Woodfill's latest campaign email in his quest to be named Republican Party of Texas Chair. The email contained a long "endorsement" from Bill Calhoun. Calhoun was a fixture in Jared's administration of the Harris County Republican Party while … [Read More...]